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I'd also go with the Ubuntu version. It's an older version as far as I can see (Gutsy Gibbon - 3 version behind the latest PC version), but then I'm still running the even earlier Feisty Fawn without any problems. From my experience, Linux is really easy to use once you've learnt how to use it. But it's a pain learning stuff! I find it harder to muddle by on Linux than on Windows.

The graphics chip isn't available in Linux, so it won't be much good for recent games (I doubt Cell alone has the power to emulate PS2 - maybe PS1).

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Hmm, Well that really sucks. I may still try it out. Keep tips coming. Oh another thing is my PS3 is far more portable(around the house) then my PC. I used a laptop for 2 years till it broke. So I may want to move upstairs sometimes etc etc. So even to just use teh interwebz would be good.

You could use it for that, though frankly it seems like a better idea to just get another laptop, even an older second-hand one. And install Linux on it if you'd like to.

But per se nothing wrong with trying it on the PS3, might serve your purpose, you might like it etc etc. Though not sure what software choices you'll have. PS3 is Power PC architecture, not the usual desktop/laptop x86. Adobe Flash for one doesn't seem available on this, Linux has one or two Flash substitutes but not sure how polished (and compatible with recent flash apps) they are.

I just booted up my ps3 to see how gnash, an open source flash alternative, performed with youtube videos. Well, it turns out it didn't...the videos didn't even play There might be some hacks you could use (shell scripts and such) to get it to work, but...it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

Flash animations (like banner ads, or the now being watched thing at the top of youtube) seem to work fine though.


Wait...doesn't the ps3's built-in browser play flash just fine?

I don't have money for another laptop lol. And the whole PS2 webrowser thing is meh. It crashes too much for me. And I need a freaking desktop.

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you only need one PC to try linuc out, you can dual boot, it's incredibly easy to set up within Ubuntu, you can even install Linux within your windows partition, so that there's no need to repartition your drive (not that repartitioning is really that arduous)

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This site looks interesting.

It won't make any of the problems we've mentioned go away, but at least ubuntu is really easy to set up.

Neoraf said:
The Anarchyz, how old are you?

My question is legit, if there is real benefits for Linux on the Sony console, I'll install it on my PS3 too.


Yeah, i read my post again, i'm usually not like that... I'm 31 by the way...

The benefits depend on the person, i have linux installed because i'm looking for ways to do some types of efficient software with the Cell, and i test some things in it..., but also for silly things, like if i have a video in a format not accepted by the PS3 OS, i run the video in Linux without turning my gaming rig on...

Of course, if you don't feel it's necessary the whole process would be just a waste of time...

What are the benefits of using Linux on the Ps3? What exactly do you do on your Ps3 now? I'm confused by the whole process but have heard of people doing it forever.

Since were talking about Linux could some answer my question? I have yellow dog on there and I was wondering if there is a way to uninstall it with out formatting the hard drive... I really need the space and don't want download all my PSO line games again.