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Criminal916 said:
Hmh is it weird to say that game has a soul?

Very weird, if you say it in a more or less literal sense. Though you're not the first to say it. And what you mean by it is pretty hard to figure out, because different people mean different things when they say a game has "soul".

I don't use the term myself to describe a game, but I tend to consider it to mean that a game is well-designed aesthetically and in terms of considering the target audience. A game with "soul" means, to me, that the game resonates with the player because it's been designed so intricately and carefully that it's almost organic in how it shifts and changes in tiny ways to accomodate the player and get them into the experience.

Not being the target audience of these games, however, can you really say that you're a fair judge of whether or not they have that resonance with the target audience?

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"Not being the target audience of these games, however, can you really say that you're a fair judge of whether or not they have that resonance with the target audience?"

I'm no judge,just what I think.

oh wow it's not a joke account!

How can you tell a game doesn't have a soul without playing it? Are weddings soulless?

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"How can you tell a game doesn't have a soul without playing it? Are weddings soulless?"

Using brain+watching videos of it+"smell".
Wedding soulless?No.

LoL, i can imagine a lot of small girls buying that game, and what an idea from Ubisoft to develop this kind of cheap games....

but everyone has a different taste, you can't expect small girls to buy Zelda or Metroid instead of this

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For the record (and for what it is worth):

Imagine Party Babyz for the Wii got a 75 from IGN


I'll be honest, I really wanted to hate Party Babyz. We as gamers have, after all, been trained for years to be suspicious of mini-game compilations, to ignore products with babies on the cover and to absolutely abhor games using the letter "z" in their titles as an indication of a plural. I had all these great jokes lined up, a whole list of witty and sarcastic remarks that would have forced the developers into early retirement and ultimately secured my reputation as one the most scathing and hilarious freelancers the IGN readership had ever seen. That list now sits crumpled at the bottom of my trash bin.

Why, you ask? Because, despite one of the worst examples of botched box art marketing I've ever witnessed, Imagine: Party Babyz is one of the finest mini-game compilations to ever grace Nintendo's home console.


I can't search more because Game Rankings is down right now.

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oh my, I don't know why anybody bought those games. Imagine Babyz or whatever it was called sold 2.3 million? WTF?

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Bah If those games are good, they deserve good sales. If I had a daughter, I would buy her "my wedding dress or whatever" instead of killzone 2 or GTAIV ...

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Now I can't vouch for the soul or care that Ubisoft puts into their 'Imagine' titles but I expect many little girls would think most FPS, TPS and action games have no 'soul' - just mindless violence.