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Ohh ohh. I see people coming at you. Now we can start an-anti American thread :P LOL germans are superior. Somehow I heard that before. There was some Austrian that told us that for 12 years :P

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But Kwaad therea are some users that like the PS3 as myself ,you ,roadkillers ,stormprophet ,washimul and some others and we keep hanging around .Things arent THAT bad ,I know a lot of forums that are in a way worse state with the X360 and Wii fanboys invading each and every PS3 new trying to say the PS3 will dissappear ,its selling like crap ,the HD-DVD is beating BR and funny shit like that .

Kwaad said: On your *neutral* post you got slammed by the nintendo boys. That is my problem. If you speak bad about nintendo... You better be packing your bags.
So what? Than I should be the one who is angry. In the end I wasn't. I laughed about them. Because it is a laughing matter. I could prove to them that Nintendo isn't a good company. I could show them how Nintendo acted not too long ago the same as Sony did. I could show them how Nintendos PR works. In the end I would use up a lot of energy. I just don't care enough. For me it's bits and bytes. Not more not less.

stop trolling, kwaad.......wii sucks, ps3 is a goddess