Looking forward to Puzzle Quest Galactrix?

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Anyone else looking forward to the Puzzle Quest sequel next month? (Feb 24th) The original didn't sell too well which is a shame since I think it's one of the best puzzle games I've ever played.

Out of curiosity, if you do plan on picking it up, what system will it be for? Personally I'll be getting it for my ds.

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The original actually sold quite well. The developer was happy with the portable sales and kept releasing it on platform after platform. It even made it to PSN eventually.

I am very much looking forward to the game. Since I have the original on DS, I'll get this version on XBLA.


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if do get this (probably eventually) then it will be for the xbla.

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I just recently discovered Puzzle Quest and I'll likely pick this up at some point for DS but not for a long while. 1st I'll have to finish Fire Emblem:SD and GTA:CW


Definitely will get it (via XBLA). The demo rocked, and I loved the first Puzzle Quest.