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i think the game is really good game to and it worth the time to play the whole . alot people don't like this game but i don't why but this mario game is something different that we never play on mario.



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It's the only Mario game I got bored with. Cleaning things up with the FLUDD was horrible, the aiming was really awkward. The lack of variety in the worlds didn't help either. I really liked the FLUDD-less levels though, they were challenging and fun!

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it is a good game but not great
It was kinda frustaiting
But it's for sure one of the worst mario games

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IMO, SMS was the least fun Mario adventure....as far as I´m concerned, the order goes:

SMB3 > Mario World > SM64 > Mario Galaxy > SMB > SMB2 > SMS

I never got to play Yoshi´s Island and the Mario titles for the GameBoy and DS, so I can´t comment on them.

I really enjoyed sunshine but it just didn't revolutionize anything like the others did. I liked fludd, he added scope.
Plus u still has the opportunity to play without him in the 'secret of...' levels (b4 u beat the game).

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I loved it, but aside from the graphics upgrade, it wasn't a real upgrade from Mario 64. Not a bad game at all, but impossible for newcomers to win.

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celine said:
To me the best level are those without the FLUDD ( not that I dislike the device ) that should tell you all.
SMS is a really good game but the Super Mario serie is filled with near perfection games ( in their genre ).


I agree, the levels without FLUDD could be fiendishly difficult, but displayed a level of platforming creativity akin to Galaxy. Sunshine was good, but didn't move the platform genre forward like people expect a big Mario title to. I enjoyed Galaxy much more than Sunshine, but Sunshine was a solid platform game. For me and many other people, it just didn't live up to the task of being a big Mario title, I think.

It was a rushed about six months too early to market. I'm certain it was meant to have another two levels but instead we got the blue coin collect-a-thon. I think Sunshine is great candidite for a Wii-make do-over.

I didn't like it much either, it was dull, and I really find cleaning up all the messes really annoying. All the places looked the same too, just not the best Mario game out there.

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It was a great game. The no-FLUDD sections were still better, and were part of the inspiration for SMG, but I was impressed by how well it managed to capture 'being on a tropical island' with the fluidity of motion, the music and the graphics.