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Ok I know this game is really old, but I just played it about an hour ago and I have a question. I want to know what is the best way to defeat Dullahan in Battle mode (NOT in the story that was easy) in the game Golden Sun: The Lost Age for GBA. I've done it before but it was extremely difficult. I've heard people bragging about how they beat 8 consecutive Dullahan's without using cheats or hacks. I think their lying but I'm sure there is a good strategy. All my characters are at level 99, but I'm boring and only use the Djinn of their affinitive class, for example Isaac with earth Djinn. I get stuck like many people where your just trying to survive for an hour and out of nowhere he uses Djinni Storm, Charon, and then Formal Sage, that damn bastard. I have all the Djinn, the best weapons, and so many water of life's and mist potions you'd think I cheated to get them. I didn't, I just played a whole hell of a lot. After I do beat him once, I find it impossible to beat the next one, and I have tried many times. So does anybody have a good strategy that works. Of course I think the best strategy is that you get damn lucky. In Battle Mode he has to be one of the hardest bosses in gaming history, unless you can teach me a strategy otherwise. Note: I don't want hear any of that rush summoning crap, that doesn't work in Battle Mode when you may not have a chance to set your Djinn.

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No one knows how, no one cares, or no one has the game. Please, I want to hear some interesting strategies.

Zerg rush FTW!

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