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Game looks great. I've been wanting this game. Nice preview too. =]

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Game looks amazing, graphically speaking...

Thats the kind of support the Wii should receive always.


The game is looking pretty good, can't wait.

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graphically this game looks like the best looking wii platformer since SMG, if it plays like sonic parts in unleashed the whole game then this game could be the sonic game we have been waiting for.

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Holy shit the first one hurt my eyes!

Anyway the game looks good...But that is something I say to much this generation about a new Sonic game and everytime it ends up something not that great X_X.

Needs more lycanthropy, IMO.

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I liked Secret Rings, and this looks like it might shaping up to be decent. (About as hopeful as I'll get for a new Sonic game.) Sword stuff could be concerning, but less then all that Werewolf nonsense, and the guy previewing it doesn't suggest it's bad, just that it breaks up the pace. Here's hoping it's only kinda of screwed up, and not royally screwed up.

Looks like the sword will basically be the werehog gimmick in this game, that's very disappointing for me, but hopefully it'll have minimal application.

Graphics are very pretty though, at first I thought it could have been a HD game (Until I remembered this game was a wii exclusive). Obviously not a high end HD game, but not a low end one either, which is good.