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In an attempt to foil Microsoft's plans of a flawless NXE Netflix launch, Columbia Pictures (a studio that's owned by Sony) has made sure that its entire Netflix movie catalog is blocked from streaming to the Xbox 360. How rude!

According to Joystiq (and confirmed by MTV Multiplayer) Netflix has pulled all Columbia Pictures content from the Xbox 360 instant view library due to "licensing problems." But, wouldn't you know, all the blocked content can still be viewed online and through all other Netflix enabled TV devices except for the 360. Netflix hopes to license all the currently blocked content to the Xbox 360 in the near future. Now, that just isn't very nice of you Sony, haven't you been taught to share?

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Just saw that one on 360fanboy.com.

Those mother f*ckers don't know what to do to stop MS...

... it is also stupid because it will cripple their revenues as well....


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Panic? Thay prolly said that unless they get Netflix as well then MS can't have their movies.

Haha, well lodged spanner.


Is it just Columbia Pictures or does it include SONY pictures, half MGM library(which SONY owns the distribution rights to), etc.

If its just 1 studio its M$'s problem.
If its the ALL SONY owned studios and the SONY owned half of MGM films then its SONY's fault.

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Way to p*ss microsoft off there sony, Do you want your laptops to fail or somthing? Sony laptops without vista could be catastrophic for sony

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I read elsewhere that Sony Pictures Movies are ok. It's only Colombia movies that are blocked.... So the conspiracy theorists fail in this case....

Link: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3171396

"As it turns out, it seems like this is simply a matter of licensing. Given that Sony BMG music is available through the Zune Marketplace and other Sony Pictures Entertainment movies are still available for streaming through Netflix to the 360, this might not be the proverbial middle finger that some assume it is."

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Probably just some executives wanting to try and get a bigger piece of the pie...

Very odd indeed. Hope it gets sorted soon otherwise there maybe a few disappointed netflix 360 users.

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What's the quality of the movies guys ? And how much is a movie ?


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