How can Sony afford to bring new 160gb Ps3+70€PSNcard+DS3?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - How can Sony afford to bring new 160gb Ps3+70€PSNcard+DS3?

So you add 30€(+) for 80gb hardriwe,70€ PSN card and Dualshock3?

It cost about 499€ here vs 80gb 479€.

How can Sony afford this?

They are already making loss enough...

Maybe they try to bring it for customers who don't buy PS3 for gaming?



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With the introduction of other things like PlayTV here in Europe it's a f*ing great deal. But here's the key bit, the most consoles out there, the more games they will sell and therefore the more games sold the more money they get, which might, just might, outweigh the loss. They can afford to do this as long as they sell games.


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Very true they are trying to expand their user base for next years titles such as K2, God of War3, GT5 the big money maker and many more. They are taking loses on every console sold but their hoping to recoup it by software sale.

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Generally Sony will make quite a lot of profit from the PSN cards and a decent bit from the DS3.
Also a 160GB HDD won't cost Sony 30Euros more than the 80GB.... it might not even cost them 30Euros in total.

And that's an odd pricing of the 80G you have there, I thought it was 399Euros across Europe.... and the 160GB should be more than 20Euro difference because here in the UK it's £50 difference so it should be morel like 60-70Euros more.

@ twroo: it's not 499 over here, it's 449.

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price difference in harddisk size is rather small between 80 and 160.
consumer prices for a 80gb harddisk are about 35€ and a 160gb is about 40€ consumer price.

Don't think they lose money for the piece of paper [PSN Card].

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The loss they just made in last quarter is not neccesarly caused by the PS3. Production costs of stockpiles of PSP 3000ś without selling them yet may very well be the cause of that combined with who knows what. Sony may indeed be losing on the PS3, but neither you or I know for sure.

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It's call high double digit losses in your profit line, as we've seen from sony. Nintendo didn' suffer such a fate, and they are a Japanese campany as well. I thought stringer was on his way out the door quick, but I guess sony bod has more patience.

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Doesn't Sony lose far less money in Euroland as opposed to the US or Japan?