Where best to live. USA or UK?

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Come to the Netherlands!! Tulips, Cheese, Windmiles, Legalised Hookers, Legalised Soft Drugs, drinking when you're 16.. it's great!!


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SMcc1887 said:
What I meant was I found the $ easier to use than I did the Euro when I was In France. Please have a think before you speak


 Oh, come on... how the hell was I supposed to get that from your writing? The most I could've assumed is that you lived on the border of NI, meaning that there could have made the GBP/Euro mix... which is really the only way that a currency can become confusing.

Next time that you want reader's to understand a post, perhaps it would be wise to write everything that is required to understand the post,

^ Fortunatly, we have legalised hookers, too.

I will take that into account my friend, but you should of gathered that I am educated enough to know my own currency. Anyway, I will try and mske my posts more detailed from now on:]

Well, some people don't know their own currency, lol.

See this video for reference: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w_mkwB9ayK4&feature=related

EDIT: Just rewatched that video and noticed a mistake, the Union Jack is not the British flag, but the UK flag.

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UK's got free healthcare (which isn't crap as is a popular US belief) and a far lower violent crime rate. Something to think about

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I do think Montreal is the city for you sir, of course if you can handle the cold
the street are safe, the people are friendly, the girls are sweet, Montreal is the best place on earth right after my bedroom

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Do what you want. Both countries are great. If you're asking an internet forum for advice then you clearly don't want to move. This is really only something you can work out for yourself.

Or you could move to Australia, we drink alot.

FaRmLaNd said:
Do what you want. Both countries are great.


 Great Britain is greater. It's in the name.

I'd just like to point out that the UK and GB are not the same things. This is a bug-bear of mine, and something that I always have to correct people on, like I'm doing now.

Northern California is the best place to live. The weather is amazing, its sunny about 80% of the time and barely rains also the people in nor cal are hella chill. Trust me it is the best place to live

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