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I tried pretty much everything I saw in flicks, but good old missionary has never let me down.

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Let's hear it.  Even if you haven't had sex yet, name your favorite sex position. 

Doggy Style for me :))))

Giving or taking?

Why not both? :P

Sweet anal love. <3

Agreed, either giving or taking. 

Anal?  Good luck finding someone willing to let you do that, lol ;)

Already did.

Wait, what?


I have little desire to give it, I actually want to be on the reveiving end. I wish I knew some gay people, I only know one gay dude and he's freaking ugly.


well if you want to be getting it do the doggy stile that way you don’t need too see him :P 

OT: anyway that allows me to keep on kissing… face to face me on top or the other way around. lol I don’t know any other names then doggy style :P


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

i'm not feeling ok reading ur posts lol
anyway i found this

missionary position lol thats the one i like, thanks for the link @blackstar

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I just lay there until she's done.

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lol XD

uh, I don't know if theres a name for it but, standing.
you need a strong partner though (if your on the receiving end I mean XP)

cowgirl/reverse cowgirl and doggy style if the girls has nice ass, for everything else there is missionary

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The one where I cry in the shower and drink with the door locked until I'm spent....that one's generally not as good for her, but dammit I'm not in this to be a humanitarian!

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are we allowed to talk about this here?

Jo21 said:
are we allowed to talk about this here?


 Anything goes in Off-Topic section and I mean ANYTHING. So relax and go with tha flow.

I'm joking, I don't know If we are aloud to but hot damn there are alot of sex and drugs threads created daily and that's the way I like it.