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If they were to make a new genre of gaming what do you think it would be?

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4th person shooter.

A game where you control a person, lets say a soldier, and it takes place in like an old event, let's say WWII, and you have to kill things,like maybe a Nazi. Something like that.

first person shitter?

i dont know really

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Intense Action- the game's choices are so real and bloody that you are personally affected by it. Thus you and your character feel the same thing. Would be breakthrough in emotions being used in an action game thus the killing becomes harder.

Manhunt kinda infringed on this. How these deep emotions would be displayed... who knows. Leave that up to the dev.

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It will probably be a sex game/simulator. It mostly won't come this generation though but it will come one day. Just being realistic. Throw in some Virtual Reality and it will be a billion dollar genre all on it's own.



The best genres are derived from real-life activities, but made to be fun (ideally, anyway). Apparently ideas are running short on that front since "new' genres are mostly just combinations of old ones (save perhaps Endless Ocean's "exploration" genre).

As for a truly new genre, that's a tricky kettle of fish. Hmm....

Imagination - A video game realization of the very embodiment of childhood fantasies and "adventures", with the same sort of "real becomes unreal" twist that they had, and the same "unreal returns to real" twist at the very end. I can't really describe it accurately, save to say that the best way to picture it is to remember just how much fun those crazy daydreams and play adventures you had as a kid really were.

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voice-shooter - you tell your soldiers what to do. You dont even touch the controller, jsut yell at the game.

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ssj12 said:
voice-shooter - you tell your soldiers what to do. You dont even touch the controller, jsut yell at the game.

You're about five years too late:


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