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I hope they make some sort of update which the user has to download for a certain amount or maybe for free!!

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Eh, I'd be more upset by only 2 USB ports. Original design for PS3 was 6, and other PS3s have 4. Oh, and all PS3s play PS1 games.

Kasz216 said:
SpartanFX said:
^^^^or the video store is opening from tonight and the only way people would consider buying movies from store is directly related to HDD size.


Except it was for rental only that store... wasn't it?  I'll have to find a used 20 gig or 60 gig kicking around when i buy mine.  Cause i'll want to be playing my PS2 games 10 years from now.... and that just isn't going to happen with PS2s.


 no they also sell all the movies that are available for rent for $13.99(not sure about the price) and lower depending on the title 




Does Sony even realize why the 80GB MGS4 bundle was in such high demand?

Although I do like the idea of there now being only 1 SKU, we still have about 5 in the graveyard to haunt people. Lesson learned hopefully.

Like if I care, I own a ps2, what the hell do I want BC for?

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grimygunz said:
next year will be the PS2's 10th year so they getting ready to close up shop on Ps2. I can bet good money that the Day PS2 out of production that Ps3 will have a price drop. The old slingshot move, let Ps2 offset Ps3 losses till Ps3 is ready to dominate or attempt to dominate.

PS2 won't be going out of production for a while yet, it will be targeted at emerging markets in the future.

From last TGS:

Sony continues to back its ageing PlayStation 2 console, with Kaz Hirai revealing that the console will be used to target emerging markets.

Speaking at Sony's Tokyo Game Show keynote, Sony president Hirai demonstrated how the PS2 has out-sold the PSone during its eight years on the market, adding that it's now much easier for developers to create games for the system.

"Since I took up my current position, I've been telling my people that we need to go back to basics at SCE," said Hirai at the start of his keynote.

As well as emerging markets, Sony will continue to support the PS2 in the key regions of Japan, Europe and North America.


This isn't unusual, Sega Master System was sold in Brazil for years after it was discontinued in developed markets. Brazil actually ended up being one of it's biggest markets, if not the biggest.

An interesting comment from Sony's E3 press conference was that SCEI are to start distributing PlayStation products in Latin America, but this wasn't elaborated on, so it's unclear if this will include PS3 being launched there. I guess up until now PS2 has been distributed by third parties in this region. I wonder if Latin America will come under SCEA, or if a new "SCELA" division will be set up.

Proud 60GB owner. That's what they should start producing again.

Aj_habfan said:
Does Sony even realize why the 80GB MGS4 bundle was in such high demand?

Although I do like the idea of there now being only 1 SKU, we still have about 5 in the graveyard to haunt people. Lesson learned hopefully.


They know that at a big enough part of their customers wants bc, but i think they have stopped prduction for the mainboards with the ps2 emotion engine some time ago cause these mainboards were more expensive. i don't think that the actual chip is so much money, but if it also allowed them to remove one layer from the mainboard design that would cut production costs additionally.

That would explain why they only had so low shippments of the 80gb mgs bundles in us and no bc bundles in other contries, since they were just using the last mainboards they had on stock for use with these chips.

i personally think that they are trying to bring back bc in a bit, but i think they will look at other options like completly software based emulation or integrating the emotion engine into another chip. Pure software emulation would be the best for them cause it would allow them to sell ps2 games on psn to all current ps3 owners which would increase software library on psn fast with near to no additional costs (they just would have to test all games if they run good with software emulation before they put them up for sales there, and maybe adjust emulation if needed).


Do we know when those new 80GB versions will hit the stores? Cause unless they discount the 40 GB versions why would anyone still buy it when they know they'll be able to get a bigger harddrive for free when waiting a little longer?

Actually i dont care reason i bought a ps3 is to play ps3 games.