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NJ5 said:
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NJ5 said:
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Yeah, it's probably easy to have great BR "sales" when you're throwing them around in all directions.


promotions dont count towards sales unless its rung up in store and given for free and HD DVD has had this same promotion for the last 3 months, not to mention 2 free movies (that counted toward sales) with the purchase of the matrix set as well....so for a $250 player in june and the $70 matrix set you got The player, The Matrix set (3 movies) plus 2 of you choice from the store (which counted toward sales) and then 5 free mail in movies.....so thats be 10 movies and the player for $330.........but i see that had little effect on the sales ratio....way to comment on something you know nothing about, just because you hate the PS3 and Sony doesnt mean you know diddly abouteverything Sony does, as proven by your post.

Any sources for that? I made a pretty generic claim, but yours is quite specific, so go ahead and prove it.



Its common knowledge that promotions are paid for by teh promoting group in this case the BDA or HD DVD Association, its how pormotions work, if you mail away for such a sale it is not counted as a sold disc its promotional, if you get 2 free discs with the purchase of a movie (Matrix) and its rung up at teh counter that ring up sends the data to information colection that the disc has passed the counter and is marked sold even though they are rebating the cost immediately.

Like i said, if you dont know what youre talking about just pass along and dont comment, some of you see sony or Blu Ray and just put your foot in your mouth and then when someone puts you in your place you stomp your foot and demand links, maybe you should do some research before you run your mouth off, i dont owe you any links for your ignorance or laziness.

What am i supposed to prove that the Matrix was being old over fathers day with 2 free discs and a HDA2 price drop? Am i supposed to show you links for something that is COMMON FREAKIN KNOWLEDGE to anyone who has remotely followed BDA or HDDVD? Just because you come here smelling something positive for Sony dont get on your high horse and demand info to be fed to you for your ignorance of not knowing what teh f*ck youre talking about when you start making condescending comments that arent true at all about promotional sales counting towards nielson.

I'd still like to see some proof, but I'll accept your correction. Anyway, there are other promotions besides the one you've mentioned. For example, the latest Amazon promotion for the PS3 will surely count for Blu-Ray sales. When I made my original post I was thinking about all of that, not the 5-disc promotion specifically.


 Well youd be right about Amazon, its free disc given by amazon, you do not mail away, it is not sitting allocated somehwere, its just a normal movie that amazon is giving you that THEY are paying for to buy form their store so instead of you purchasing it Amazon is, thats hwy its counted as a sale.


And if you want proof you seem able enough to look into it yourself and learn something about the stuff you try debating, and if you dont care enough to know wtf youre talking about dont post, seems simple enough to me. 

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This threads going to last for 12-15 years.

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Blue3..started this thread....



HD-DVD should give up the fight once Universal switches to neutral. Unfortunately, that might not happen til 2008. Once more independent companies (like Blockbuster), decide to back Blu-Ray, the snowball effect might end this war sooner than later. Starz entertainment, who is releasing Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and Evil Dead 2, as well as the Masters of Horror series in late 2007, announced their exclusive support for Blu-Ray only a day or two after Blockbuster's declaration. Expect more similar announcements to follow.

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MrMarc said:
Well they're not selling at all in this part of England, despite the unofficial price cuts from stores to £400 and the extras thrown in as bundles, no one here gives a crap about the PS3. One store stopped selling them altogether because they simply couldn't be shifted.

Blu-ray needs the PS3, if the PS3 doesn't sell, Blu-ray takes the hit as well. It's had a huge boost since the launch but it's eventually going to slow down as less PS3's get sold on a weekly basis.

I certainly wouldn't call PS3 sales 'blistering'...
maybe in England. But you guys just got that new bundle. Thats actually a very nice bundle too. Blu-ray in Europe might not be doing great but in American and a few other counties, not including Japan since the war is over there, Blu-ray currently has a major lead over.

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Hddvd hardware from Q1 to Q2 +37%

Hddvd software from Q1 to Q2 +20%

Blu ray hardware from Q1 to Q2 -27%

Blu-ray software from Q1 to Q2 -5%

Looks to me like Blu ray is dying not Hddvd.


I just read on the newspaper today that my ISP is offering HD channels via its broadband TV service.

Streaming and downloadable is already available here - and I only have to pay 8USD extra per month to get HD on all my channels. Now I can watch movies, sports and TV programs all in HD without having to buy expensive players or replacing my VCD/DVD collection with "HD media" anymore.

What's even better, my ISP actually has two services - broadband TV, and TV on demand - I can now record these programs with my HTPC as well as stream/download what I want to watch!

From now on, all I need to do is to record and download what I want to view onto a hard drive. If I ever run out of space, just add more space to my NAS!

So as for HD-DVD and Blu-ray, they can both die as far as I'm concerned. Who said that the internet would be too slow to handle this kind of service anyhow?

At the current pace neither BR nor HD will replace DVD. As others have said, I think the next evolution is downloadable movies (rent or buy). Its only a matter of time before Apple or MS make it happen. For those who absolutely must have originals, DVD will still be around. Most people are not Audio/Video freaks anyway. They cant tell the difference between VHS, DVD, and HD/BR except that VHS tapes are clunky, and DVD/HD/BR all use a similar size package. Want more evidence? What MP3 bitrate is the most downloaded? You will find that 128-192kbps is the most popular even though we have many songs in higher quality.

But even for the Audio/Video affectionados, downloadable movies will be much better quality than HD and BR and will probably have a smaller file size for storage and not to mention no more discs and sleeves to store. In time I assume that we will have cheap ways to store movies but for now you could always use a DVR, DVDR, and your own PC if youre a techie. But on current hard drives (say 500g) you could easily store 350 DVD quality movies (mpeg4 compressed), and around 200 HD/BR quality movies. Thats a lot more than most peoples movie libraries.

I don't think HD DVD or Blu-Ray are doing anything great right now. The players are still too expensive, the media is too expensive, and the average consumer doesn't see the value yet. They provide a better experience, but, most people are looking and saying "not worth my hard earned dollars".

Not much can be read into and numbers until the mass market starts buying in.

I bet the winner will be the companies that sell HD DVD / Blu-Ray combo devices.

ending july 8

BD/HD DVD sales ratios
* Week: 66/34
* YTD: 67/33
* SI: 60/40