MGS4 80GB PS3 already dead ? --flashing red light, just got this 6/12!!

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I still hate my PS1 due to owning 3 over the same number of years before finally giving in and sticking to my N64, (which wasent great with the slim game selection).

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So I got my PS3 back from Sony and the build date is like 1 year older than the model I just purchased. Even assuming there are no differences in builds, it feels like I got kicked in the nuts--I purchase a brand new 80GB PS3 bundle when they've been unavailable for awhile. Then 13 days later the thing breaks and now I'm stuck which a model a year older than the one I bought. Somehow this doesn't seem fair.

Anyways, the one I returned had an April '08 build date and the one I received back has a May '07 date. Am I correct in thinking I just down-graded as the one I had used 65nm chips? The other thing I noticed is that when I turned this obviously refurb'd model on no fan kicked on. It's now in the middle of installing fw 2.41 and I still don't hear any fan on and the back left of the unit is warming up nicely. I thought the system always at least would use the fans, even if in the lowest setting--is there really an off ?




My biggest concern is possible differences in BC between the model I had and the model I received back.  Is this just an overblown fear or are there differences in BC between a 5/07 80GB PS3 and a 4/08 80GB PS3?

stop trolling!

If I was trolling I would complain about how Sony didn't copy anything from my HDD so I lost all my save data, PSN downloads and all that other exciting stuff. But seeing as that's more of an inconvenience (as I can just re-d/l 'it) it's not as much concern as possible ACTUAL differences in what I bought and what I wound up with.

And honestly, put yourself in my shoes. I purchase a brand new (4/08 build) PS3 after patiently waiting for the 80GB models to return, DS3 and all that other fun stuff. Then 13 days later it breaks, I then have to go without for weeks (in addition to the calls, the boxing up and the UPS tracking and days off work as signature is required). And I get back a year older system in addition to the wiped HDD.

And I guess if the truth = trolling, then I'm a troll.

Boden 12...

I totally understand your situation.  I have had my eyes on a Playstation 3 for a year or two.  I am not a big gamer, but really like the fact that if I want to get into that I can also have the Blue Ray functionality.  I was planning on getting into gaming as well.

So, I finally take the plunge and spend about $470 on a unit last night with my girlfriend who thinks I am wasting my money.  Get the damn unit home, and after watching the Incredible Hulk which I specifically bought for the Blue Ray player the thing shuts off after 20 minutes.  This would happen like clockwork for about 3 times.  So then I went to System Settings and reset to default settings thinking I had done something to cause a sleep timer with the Blue Ray player.  Now after doing my research on the Internet, I see this is a VERY COMMON problem.  Now I can turn it on Watch a movie for about 20 minutes, the unit freezes, then beeps, and then automatically shuts of.  WTF!!!!

Before all you Sony defenders come and launch an attack at me like you did at Boden 12 for his legitimate frustration and pain against Sony, you now got myself here who purchased this last night and it happens the very damn night I buy it.  I am getting rid to send the POS unit back to Best Buy.  I am with Boden12 on this.  You pay nearly $500 for a piece of equipment and you think that Sony could get it right.  I really was excited about having one, and now I am scared to death to own one just to watch my $500 investment go dead at any minute.  What is to say I replace it and have a unit that runs find for 3 months and then it does the same thing.  Sounds like from the posts it's an overheating problem.  I have an electrical engineering degree and a unit overheating is because of poor design and not proper ventlation and/or cooling within the unit itself.  How long has the Playstation 3 been out.  It is now October 25, 2008!!!!!!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to take cheap shots at me.  I'll give you my email address and we can even exchange numbers.  Just like Boden12, I have a right to be pissed!!! And just like him I need to vent about it.  If you were in either of our shoes and had this problem you would be pissed to!!!!!!  This is a forum where people are supposed to defend each other and discuss their experiences NOT for people who want to defend a manufacturer against defective workmanship.  Like I mentioned, Anyone who shelled out the $500 to have this happen would be pissed.

P.S.  Oh... and yes I could have just bought a Blu Ray player at $250 now, but I wanted to be able to have the option to play games, and I heard that the Blu Ray player in the playstation is superior to consumer Blu Ray players......

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I am actually on my 3rd PS3 already. My first one was an EU launch model and thank broke after about 9 months. The next one came with a faulty disc drive, so my games would nearly get stuck in the console.

What sony do is give you refurbished models, so I think they will have replaced the chips inside. Anyway, what matters is I have had no problems since!


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hey, to get the disc out, turn the ps3 on and hold eject for 10 secs


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Shame. I got a defective Wii at one point. I went through 5 days of hell without it......

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@ boden12 )

1.)the '07 80GB unit has exactly the same BC as your MGS4 bundle unit

2.) you should've known before that they won't transfer the data and you could've copied it to your pc before you sent the unit to Sony