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I got this game 2 weeks ago and I didnt think it would keep me so much time addicted to it xD.

I mean, I havent even downloaded any songs and its still adictive, Mna, I bought GTA4 with it and I have plaed a few minutes GTA4 just killing people and that stuff.

The only problem that I had was that the pedal in the drums broke, but I glued it and its perfect xD.


Here are some of the videos I made with my brothers(Im doing the vocals)





If anyone has the ps3 version maybe we could play online

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Guitar Hero is better.

That said good vids. Always wondered how vocals worked.

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I like Rock Band a TON better. And GH4 while vocals and drums will fail. I hope. Ripping off Rock Band.

Make sure you download songs. There is a great selection of good songs.

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Rock Band looks a lot better than GH to me, but no way can I justify to myself spending that much on a single game. Maybe if the GH guitars worked but they don't, so no chance...

Those 3 bars, r they for
Guitars, Bass drums
or for
2 gitars n drums?

How do the vocals work? Is it Karaoke or the game does the original voice for u??

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you all should stop bashing GH4..... it could be worse.. it could be Rock Revolution. (360, ps3, DS, Wii)

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Slimebeast said:
Those 3 bars, r they for
Guitars, Bass drums
or for
2 gitars n drums?

How do the vocals work? Is it Karaoke or the game does the original voice for u??

U use ur guitar as a bass, the game comes with just 1 guitar so u may have to buy another one(not a problem to me since we are 3 brothers). If u dont sing u will listen the original vocals so that u can get in the tone if u dont know the song, but the volume of ur voice when u sing is higher than the original so u will only listen to yourself.

very good dude.