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As we all no Wii sales are doing very good. But i have a strong feeling that the ps3 will come out on top.




in that chart is shos the ps3 doing just as good as the ps2 aside for the last few weeks. This can be atributed to the fact that MGS 4 will be the new game included in the bundle so people are holding off.


1. The best reason I think it will win is because it has Blu Ray. Originally every1 mocked it because they were scared of it but now since Blu Ray won over HD-DVD many people may buy a ps3 just for the Blu ray. Since it costs less then Blu Ray players.


2. It has the best AI and largest maps because of the OS, hard drive and processor.  


3. Many ps2 owners have yet to buy a next gen item. They won't buy a Wii because they might feel it's for casual gamers. They won't get a 360 because it's basically dead. Not dead as in no1 wants it but dead as in:

• Live costs money PSN is free

• Wireless isn't built in Playstation has wireless and bluetooth

• 360 is just a DVD player while a PS3 is also a Blu Ray player

  • 360 only has shooter games as their top sellers PS3 has a huge variety of top sellers


4. The PS3 is already doing way better then the 360 It just hasn't been out for as long. People think MGS 4 will be a saviour and others think thats dumb and that the PS3 is dead. But think of it this way - The console is doing just as good as the PS2. It has an amazing line up for 08 and 09, it's sales still beat out the 360. So why do all the 360 fan boys feel as tho the PS3 needs saving?  


4. The Wii's graphics are last gen. Yet they are creditied on being the innovators? EXCUSE ME look at the ps3 you can't beat it! The Wii's graphics are the same quality as the PSP and PS2! These graphics were good at the time of the PS2 for home entertainment systems but now its crap.. no offense. These graphics are still good, well more like amazing on a hand held!


So, what do you all think? I'd expect Non- bias opinions from all you 360 fan boys..  

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"The Wii's graphics are the same quality as the PSP and PS2!"

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most Ps3 fans know Wii is going to win....please ignore the few who don't...do not judge us by what the thing!

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