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Note it will never happen. 

Bioshock comes to PS3 more than 12 months after the 360/PC version. PS3 Bioshock will sell under one million copies - I guess around 800k. 360 Bioshock has sold 2 million copies.

MGS 4 on PS3 in June. This game would be great on the 360 and would sell a lot of copies. 4 disc boxed set of MGS 4 would cost a lot less than one MGS 4 Blu-Ray game disc. Ports of MGS 4 to 360 would cost little compared to developing MGS 4 on the PS3. Please port MGS 4- Konami.

XBox 360 sells more games than PS3- proven fact. Attach rates: 7 games per 360 console sold. PS3 only 3.6 games per PS3 sold. GTA IV sales of 360 raped PS3 sales of GTA IV. 25 % more sold on 360.

^We will just have to wait and see what happens in 2009.

We want Gears of War and Mass Effect trilogies on PS3. Should cut them a deal offer them something.

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someone got hacked. LOLz



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Ah.. why not just buy a Ps3 if you want MGS4 so bad??.

Lol. Starcraft can start a petition with Konami, like the Wii fans did with Resident evil 5. 50 000 Wii/ nintendo supporters signed the Resident Evil 5 petition but it fell on death ears.

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Did you just compare GTA 4 sales to potential MGS 4? MGS4 would obviously sell more on PS3 then 360.

And software attachement ratios? Give me a break.

Seems more like an attempt for you to try and seem like less a fanboy, which is good, but do it gradually.

Y'know you'd think that, but Rock_on is kind of 360/PS3 bipolar as far as I can tell.


what next, Bioshock and MGS4 on the Wii. LOLz

Torillian said:
Y'know you'd think that, but Rock_on is kind of 360/PS3 bipolar as far as I can tell.

 oh, didn't know he suffered from that, poor fella, ah well.

Console exclusives will eventually become less and less as developers want to sell out and make more money