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It's unobtusive, and it's possible to jump into a multiplayer bout with little fuss.

 4.5  Graphics
Haze's real low point, at points the graphics would put even a PlayStation 2 to shame.

 5.0  Sound
While the guns grunt and grind well enough, the constantly looping dialogue grates after seconds.

 7.5  Gameplay
For all the failure of the innovations to stick, at its core Haze is still an enjoyable shooter.

 7.0  Lasting Appeal
Providing you can find some friends willing to forgive the lack of visual finesse, the multiplayer is solid and entertaining.

Passable  OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)


GRFX are getting BLASTED by the reviewers!

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You broke the thread...

OMG whats happened to the thread!!

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LOW Haze Review Broke the thread!!


All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

darthdevidem01 said:
LOW Haze Review Broke the thread!!


 okay that really made me laugh out loud

 awesome :P

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It is still a better review then the US one.

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You know what's unfortunate about Haze, according to the developer it hardly uses ANY SPE effort at all xD, which ironically indicates that it can't be the POWAH OF TEH C3LL :/

If you read the review he actually seems somewhat positive about the game :P Just the score doesn't reflect that too well XD

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Haze is so bad, the thread said:

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