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here are games I'd suggests buying on wii: resident evil 4 mario strikers charged battalion wars 2 no more heroes victorious boxers revolution medal of honer 2 heroes super mario galaxy zelda twilight princess ALL THESE GAMES ARE GOOD AND ANYONE WHO HAS A WII SHOULD HAVE MOST OF THEM now some of these games are hard to find do to not many copies printed because of bad sales. SO PLEASE BY SOME WII GAMES, BECAUSE IF YOUR NOT YOUR BRINGING THE WII VIDEO GAME LIBRARY DOWN AND THIRD PARTIES WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE A SHIT ON US AND AND BUY THE BEST 3RD PARTY GAMES YOU CAN THINK OF SO WE GET MORE........

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I leave this open for the sake of comedy.



How much red cordial did you have this morning.



Actually just bough Fire Emblem as well as Okami. Very good purchases that were pretty much free since I was turning in some of my lackluster PS2 games that were wasting space anyway. So get off my case Jeff, gawd.


I just bought Game Party, cuz it was cheap and my friend has a wii, and will get one this summer.

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I like how everyone comes into a lobby and has a stupid off topic remark, so my advice is don't be a chepass buy some games, wii has about 6fps games and thats not many at all thats horrible.

Dude, I'm sure that everyone here knows what games are good enough to buy for a console.... Were not 3 year olds who need to be taught by someone, let alone three year olds who need to be taught by the Internet.

Sorry to make you out as captain obvious but... actually... I'm not sorry.




Guitar Hero 3/ Smash Hits

Those aren't all 3rd party...

Nintendo still doomed?
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You're the first person I've seen recommend Victorious Boxers.

I have high hopes for Facebreakers myself.

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You don't just come in here with caps lock on, screaming random things that aren't true (Wii games sell fine). Besides, how are third parties supposed to be motivated when three of the games you listed are first party?

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