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csir said:
dtekdahl00 said:
I think that the running tally of character appearances might give some insight into Sakurai, possibly how he figures the popularity of the characters by giving them a greater amount of appearances. Mario has the most appearances because he's Nintendos primary mascot, Kirby has a great amount because Sakurai has worked with HAL extensively and he created Kirby. Pit is also high on the list because he is a new appearance, more advertised than even Meta Knight. I think the list has value.

 In other words.. It's totally useless lol

 It entertains me to see it every day there is an update. I get sad if I miss it and have to track through pages to see whats what. Soon Pit will overtake Fox and I will like the list even more. That is a use so it can't be useless.

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In the beginning, Fox was beating Wario. I want Fox to win! Go, Fox! DO A BARREL ROLL!!!

I know that the first page of this booklet has already been posted, but here is a look at the other two pages. To make sure you know what exactly this is, it is a 3 page booklet that was given out at the Brawl demo stations in Japan on Jan 26th of this month. In the booklet, it talks about the Fighters, How to play, instructions on the items, the one-person mode, and about communication via WiFi. 


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Go Wario! Show that Fox who's boss!

I predict a game mode??? or do I, do I?

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I like Bacon said:
In the beginning, Fox was beating Wario. I want Fox to win! Go, Fox! DO A BARREL ROLL!!!

Use the boost to get through.

thing thread has exploded so much lately... I think it was about 160 pages 2 weeks ago.... am I right?

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csir said:
Why am I in a thread about Smash updates if I don't care about them? Lol I have no clue.  Maybe I just can't mind my own business? Well anyways I don't really care if people are having a long, intelligent discussion before I come in and derail itI can gtfo a sales website and eat dog shit if I don't want to talk about sales for all I care.. No offence


Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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wow. o_o; and Fox>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wario OPIN.....errr.....FACT!!!

I don't care what's spoiled, as long as it's not SSE info. Anyone agree w/ me?