There is going to be a Bioshock movie! BIOSHOCK FTW!!!

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PoC=Pirates Of The Carribean? My only guess lol.


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APolitical said:

FelmanX said:
Bioshock = Ayn Rand story

AT least, that's what it felt like to me.

I just assumed that it was obvious to everyone but apparently not. Bioshock is a gigantic troll against libertarianism. You realize that right?


Edit- Reading that again, I think you did in fact realize that, and I agree. It makes the glaring flaws of her ideology very clear to everybody. :)

 I don't mean to derail the thread and turn this into a political argument, but an objectivist would say that the society of Rapture failed because it didn't follow their principles.  Obviously it was founded on them - Andrew Ryan's "welcome" speech could have come straight out of Atlas Shrugged, but as soon as he tried to control others' lives everything went to hell in a hand basket.  To switch sides, someone who didn't believe in objectivism would say that the rampant competition and drive to be better was what caused the development of plasmids and tonics, and what drove the people mad.  From my play through of the game I didn't get the impression that the developers were picking a side, merely exposing the ideology and trying to elicit thought.


Back on topic, I think a Bioshock movie could have great potential, but it could also flop severely if handled poorly.  I for one, want to know how they will treat the little sisters, if the movie follows the game that is. 


isnt Gore V. doing Pirates 4?!
I could have sworn he was....
(come on, u knew they were
gonna make another!)

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Gore Verbinski ftw. wait a sec. i guess....

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Ugh ...

There are few videogame movies that ever turn out well and (in my opinion) it is because the style and substance of writing that makes an enjoyable videogame rarely works for a movie. From what I have seen the best written videogames tend to leave the motivation and personality of the main character up to the personal interpretation of the player; on top of this the cheesy elements that are in every game tend to be minimized in these games in some way.

Movies don't have the luxury of leaving personality and motivation up to the viewer, so the protagonist from Bioshock may end up being a lecherous immoral opportunist where you thought of him as a fairly normal easy going guy who was making the best of a bad situation. At the same time, movies tend to (unfortunately) play up the unnecessary and (often) cheesy elements of a videogame rather than capture what people really enjoyed about playing the game.



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bioshock is awesomee

Hope they don't screw up the movie,,,i am also loking forward to prince of persia movie




hmmm give me Matt Damon as the main guy, and i would be set

but the story would make for a great movie


all video game movies are generally crap

the only ones i can think of that was an ok watch would be the 1st mortal kombat and resident evil films.

i hope bioshock the movie turns out ok

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This lost my attention the second Gore Verbinski was attached to direct. Call me if that changes othewise this one's staying off my radar.

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Stockstar1138 said:
Rock_on_2008 said:
Video game based movies always flop. Remember the disasters that were Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tom Raider, Mario Brothers, etc.
I do not hold my breath for a successful BioShock movie.

only one of the above actually has a story that can be made into a full length movie without seriously adding stuff into the plot of the movie from the game. bioshock has everything story wise to go straight from a game to a movie, where the others do not.

I know this will put me at odds with most people, but I couldn't disagree with this statement more. Bioshock had a great scenario, but it had very little in the way of story. The actual game story can be summed up thusly:

Plane crash - follow orders (fetch quests) - blatently obvious twist - kill fake bad guy - follow someone else's orders (more fetch quests) - kill real bad guy - end (good/bad)

There was some back story about the creation of Rapture on the tapes, but absolutely nothing about the character you played, other than finding out that you were a Manchurian candidate (completely eliminating the need for character motivation). Just like every other game-movie adaptation ever made, it will definitely not translate to a good film narrative. I almost wish Uwe Boll was directing it, then at least people wouldn't get their hopes up.