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ok GTA4 sold roughly 3.7 million units in its debut week in America right according to VGchartz? Ok and it sold roughly 6 million worldwide debut week, and 3.6 million worldwide in its first 24 hours ok? So what was GTA4's 24 hour debut in America i find it wierd there has been no official saying of that, i seen the post on this site earlier this week that said it did roughly 2.5 million in its first 24 hours in AMERICA and that roughly 1/4 of the sales were special editions ($90) so that would add to $170million. So my question is, is there an official saying if the 24hour AMERICAN launch beat Halo's $170 million?

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good question

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you do realize this thread is about 'estimate', right? Accurate or not, it's an estimate and I for one rather trust it more than some other garbages on the web.

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good q, i think it did. First day worldwide, it made $310 mil but dunno for america: http://www.fmtech.co.za/?p=956

 But I dont think you can compare american launch with american launch because most sources dont.

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kingofwale you are jumping to conclusions where do you get im making a who won fanboy post? Im just curious as to why Taketwo and Rockstar would not be interested in revealing if the USA 24 hour release beat Halos not that it matters because it does not and could not be compared as to being multi platform and released at a later time but also im just interested to know who made the most money in 24 hours in the USA cuz its kinda wierd to be like "i think GTA4 did the same or more but i dont know for sure" i need to know this just for video game statistics, and im a huge Halo fan and GTA i own both

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