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So Mesoteto has conceded that he lost our bet (see sig). As you can see, control of his avatar and sig is in my hands for the next week. 

I have decided that you, the vgchartzers, should come up with his new avatar and sig. Post pictures of anything you want (within the rules), funny, disgusting, whatever. Make sure it can fit into avatar and sig size.

I will choose which one I like best later on today/tomorrow and will mention the winner in the sig. So let the competition begin! 

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avatar: a nice fairy pic.
sig: I wanna be a Tingle.

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You have 2 easy wins in your sig.

for mesoteto, just make him put dogs in his sig/avatar

EDIT: and maybe something about cats being evil. 

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This has nothing to do with sales.

A really hunky man in a compromising position would be lol.