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Relying too heavily on sequels?

Let's see what the PS3 and 360 rely on...

Halo 3

Final Fantasy XIII

Gran Turismo 5

Grand Theft Auto 4

Call of Duty 4

Need I go on? 

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Hahaha that's hilarious.

SSB:B dropped off the map did it? it being the best selling (non bundled) game this week, outselling the newly released GT5P in it's 6th? week.

and in retaliation to those bullet points.
-Poor marketing? is he kidding, The Wii and Nintendo's own games have collectively had some of the best marketing in gaming ever.
-Sequels are not strictly Nintendo's vice, they are all over gaming (this is ignoring the fact that most of Nintendo's sequels are vastly different to their predecessors)
-Low quantities is not the same as massive quantities that don't stay there.
-In the past yes (damn Yamauchi-San) but now they are arguably better than Sony's.

-I don't understand this last point?

Fuck it. Do we really need to dignify this crap by actually arguing with it? Just post a link to the Wii's million sellers. That's argument enough.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs

* Poor game marketing.
True this one, doesn't seem to have had that much effect on first party games though
* They rely too heavily on sequels.
How is this a bad thing? Sequels = brand recognition, mario, zelda and metroid are all famous.
* Low quantities of consoles on the shelves.
No. High quantities of consoles, higher quantity of demand.
* Poor relationships with 3rd party developers.
This does seem to be improving, but it is a fair point.
* Limited access to quality information for the media.
What does this one even mean?

Oh and "It was very interesting to me how Super Smash Brothers Brawl sold 1.4 million copies the first week it was out and has pretty much dropped off the map since. I think this is a prime example of how Nintendo has no problems selling consoles and peripherals, but they are not selling games as projected. At this point, they would have to sell 20 million games instantly to catch up with the average games purchased per console on the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. Despite achieving an installed base way beyond anyone’s expectations, the company simply has not taken the steps to keep the success going."

Attach rate isn't really that important when you have a huge install base and are making money on the consoles. Also bullshit stats about Brawl, it sold what, 2.7M in march in the USA alone?

If already the March NPD numbers caused such serious meltdowns among hardcore gamers, we are in for a very, very funny year. I am looking forward to all the spins these hardcore gamer bloggers will make the more the Wii keeps selling.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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It always seems to happen right after Nintendo posts great NPD numbers.

BCNR34 said:
* Poor game marketing.
* They rely too heavily on sequels.
* Low quantities of consoles on the shelves.
* Poor relationships with 3rd party developers.
* Limited access to quality information for the media.

he may be wrong, but all of these are true...

1. Stop trolling its getting annoying.







2. I'm not bothering to read the article, Wii bashing seems to be a great hit now! 


This dude's assessment screamed of bias. Some folks are so vindictive and bitter by the Wii's success.


pure BS
i'll leave it at that

Not all Final Fantasy games are sequels, guys. There are improvements on graphics and gameplay, but nearly all of the stories are different.