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Conference was meh. Expected given that this generation is almost done at this point.

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They definitely showed a lot and a huge variety of games during the conference. But I can't help but feel there was nothing that truely wowed me that much. I guess cgi trailer just don't really get me excited as they use to.


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Very dissapointing conference.

Barkley said:

I've just remembered this is supposed to be a "next-gen" game.... graphically it doesn't look really impressive.

No mention of if it's still coming to Xbox One or not.

Yes, it's coming to Xbox One. We've known that for a long time.

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as a Stracraft fan I like that they named it Project Scarlett.

But I've never felt so indifferent about a hardware reveal as I did about this one.


Surprisingly, quite an average conference.

Mostly cinematic trailers that amounted to nothing. Gameplay trailers were hit or miss. Conference started to crash with Gears 5 (incredibly poor showing) and slightly recovered thankfully.
Halo Infinite didn't look as wow as I was expecting it to.

Some cool games though, like 12 minutes, but previous years were better than this.

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I expected Microsoft to show things in Sony's absence, but it didn't really feel like they did.
Feels like they had about the same amount of third party announcements last year.

Was hoping to see RE2 DLC or RE3 Remake.
The new Tales game looked really cool though. And Keanu being in Cyberpunk was awesome.

I don't think I've ever seen people more excited about load times.

I was 80% sure Fable 4 would be there. It wasn't. Honestly there wasn't a single NEW game announced I cared about. It was well presented, but the games were old or just not for me.

Lego Forza DLC is still contender for best E3 Moment.

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Problem with this showing was that most of the games I want I was planning to get on PC beforehand now I can just get them all on PC now so effectively X1 just got killed off for me.

Great show from MS, tons of interesting games, but too many CG only trailers. Scarlett with 4 times X1X power? Surely they don't mean 24TF with that, right? No way they could offer a mad build like that sub $1k.