Nintendo Switch is perfectly viable as a primary or even only gaming device...

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Has absolutely no notable Real-Time Strategy games.

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Pemalite said:
Has absolutely no notable Real-Time Strategy games.

None of them have text based choose your own adventure RPGs like Radical Dreamers either...


Well I guess they are all doomed!!!!

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This generation is the first since NES where I only use one specialized gaming device.

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Not in my house. Not enough RPGs, For me to consider getting a console, it needs at least 10 good RPGs, and I would expect 20 lifetime.

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Why not?

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It has too many games I love, and I spend so much time playing because I can play anywhere, so I am wasting my life. If it was a Playstation, I would spend less time playing, because is only on TV in my living room at home, and the games are less interesting for my personal taste, I would play a lot less, and my life would be more productive. So, is not ideal as main console because it steal my life more than any other. xD

Weaker Third Party support

No Achievement/Trophy system

Lower visuals/frame rate

Cant record gameplay footage

Smaller online fanbase


For me - The Switch will be only for Nintendo's first party games, cant think of any multiplat third party title to get for it.



Cant think of any reason to get a multiplat third party title on it other than for the sake of portability.


I'd otherwise rather get multiplat third party titles on PS4/PC.


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Reading through this thread I realize the main distinction for people is really how they feel about Western AAA games.  Some people see these games as the main draw in getting a console and others do not.  I would bet the OP doesn't really care about Western AAA games too much.

Some people point to other aspects like cutting edge graphics or online multiplayer, but really these are aspects associated more with Western AAA games.  Online shooters are mostly Western, and the games that go for high end graphics are like 80%+ Western games.  

So really the distinction is, "What are my favorite games?"  If your favorite games include few AAA Western games, then having Switch as your primary/sole console makes a lot of sense.  But if you play a lot of Western AAA games, then you may scratch your head at why people are talking up the Switch so much.

I think its fine, but i thought the wii u was fine as a lone console... it really had a bunch of great games. Will get a ps4 eventually for mh world but in no rush.

If Switch was my only gaming device, I simply wouldn't do much gaming. Many of the games I play or interested in playing are not on Switch.

I could have easily bought a Switch during Black Friday, but I purchased a Xbox One X instead. That means I rather make my Xbox One games play better versus having access to the Switch library.

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