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Premier League winner?

Liverpool 2 $200.22 22.22%
Manchester City 7 $3,356.75 77.78%
Totals: 9 $3,556.97  
Game closed: 05/11/2019

And my prediction of a France WC is pretty much on the cards now they were the team I tipped in the beginning before the tournament when people wrote them off like they never went to the finals in Euro 2016.

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Well played France.

Congrats France! And my prediction from the other thread was correct. Great to see Giroud lift that trophy too.

Congrats to France. I enjoyed the World Cup overall.

Well done you french, now next tournament everyone will play as boring as you

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Honestly wish they would make fifa 2 game match, one game is not enough.

Congrats to Croatia for making the finals. Congrats to France for the win.

Congrats to Pattyboy60 for winning the prediction league. You are the real MVP.

Thanks to Kapi96 for hosting the thread, ending up runner up and being the best football manager.

Well deserved win for France! They had a wonderful tournament.

Well done Croatia for first time in final too.

Gratz to France, very deserved world champions with an extremely talented squad. Well done to Croatia, punching way above their weight and giving us lots of memorable moments. It's been a great tournament.

Congrats to both finalists, was a great match