Evre Nintendo Switch game already passed 1m, and Zelda BotW and MK8D crazy attach rates (83% and 75%)

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Lawlight said:
Nautilus said:

I dont know how NPD really operates(but even not knowing that, they still work with aproximations and estimates), but for Media Create it is still an estimation.It is simply impossible to count every single game sold through stores, since they dont have direct acess to that data, something that the company that made the game has(read:Nintendo), and thus they make estimates based on data that they receive through whatever method they use, and make a very educated "guess" about the final sale(Its not really a guess since they probably have very precise formulas to calculate the sales, and they must have different and reliable sources for their data).But no matter as reliable as those number usually are, at the end of the day theyy are still guesses.Thats why you see differences in the numbers betwenn the different companies, such as the differences betwenn Media Create and Famitsu, which sometimes are rather big.And Famitsu counts download carts, but they are also estimates.

Reading through parts of the earnings release, they dont state if its sold-through, or sold in.But, even if it is shipped, the shipped in number is never really much off the sold through number.Assuming it is indeed shipped, from that 1.18 million units sold, I think its safe to assume that the sold-through number should at least be 1 million.As I said prior, Media Create and NPD are estimations at the end of the day, so there is always a margin of error, and digital sales are more important than ever nowadays, sometimes grabbing around 20% of the total software related sales.So basing your guess on only the NPD and Media Create numbers, and not only forgetting that Europe may very well make up for that difference and that the game may have a higher than normal number of digital sales, not to mention worldwide sales, is ridiculous when Nintendo itself are saying that the sales for the game are great.

Earnings will always include shipped numbers, always. And sold in numbers can be very different from sell-through numbers. Copies can be sitting in shelves. And the estimates are never so far off from actual numbers that we can't use them as actual numbers - even Nintendo uses Media Create numbers.

As for 20% digital, even being optimistic and saying that digital accounts of 20% of Arms sales, you'd still be far off that 1.2M number.

They can, but I hardly believe that, with Nintendo being this consevative with the switch, that they overshipped ARMS.Plus, its not like you can ship how many units you want, retailers need to accept them, and they have their own estimates of how much a game can sell.And no, Nintendo never uses Media Create.They have their own internal numbers.Where did you get that from?

Yeah, I probably would.Thats why there are still Europe and rest of the world numbers to make up for it.Or you forgot about them?

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I'm impressed 1-2 switch sold 40 copies let alone a million lol.

Even 1,2 Switch :p

Hopefully it shows what games people are interested on the Switch

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Mar1217 said:
Rogerioandrade said:

And ARMS  and Fire Emblem Warriors

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle ? I mean, it really does look like a great game and E3 really got people hyped for it.

Sure! It does seem a very fun game