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Rate the Xbox Press Conference One-10

One 148 12.95%
2 49 4.29%
3 85 7.44%
4 107 9.36%
5 199 17.41%
6 214 18.72%
7 178 15.57%
8 92 8.05%
9 34 2.97%
10 37 3.24%


It's by far the worst.

Not a single new notable exclusive. I have no problem with "another Forza" as they are the best racers in the business. But everything else especially the indies was poor.

XOX looks like a dud to me. It's ugly, cheap looking and overpriced.

Original backwards comp was cool though.

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A whole 0/10 and that's being generous.

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I went with a 3, but could maybe be talked into a 4.

The presentation format itself was great, just focus on what your new hardware is and then shove game after game in our faces.

The fact that they attempted to mislead verbally with the "exclusive" chant that went on before every timed, errr I am sorry I mean "launch" exclusive was sickening.

The whole "we have 22 exclusives" statement was misleading and embarrassing.

The $499 price point for the Scorpio was embarrassing.

The name XB1X, surely not to be confused with the XB1S by parents who are just trying to get that new system for their kid this year, is embarrassing.

Of the 6 or 7 actual exclusives, I will be glad to play 3 or so on my PC. That's not embarrassing.

Back to the price point though, what the hell are they thinking? I get that they want to target the "but but but graphics" crowd but even they have a ceiling for what they will spend on a console.

This presentation left me with one resounding thought. MS in this gen is screwing up as badly with the XB1(insert letter here) as Sony did initially with the PS3. Only MS hasn't taken the proper steps to recover, nor do they have the clout from winning previous gens (any) to garner the good will of the gaming community. I went in wanting to like this conference, but damn.

It was good.

Though disappointing not to see crackdown 3 demo, or any other exclusive.

Anthem looked good, so did metro, but sea of thieves was so meh.

2/10 and 8/10 in a superposition.

They had nothing to show and made the XBOX's future look very poor, but they still managed to find a lot of cool indie games to fill the time.

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CEO Kaz Hirai twitter's rateing:

Madword said:
Pok87 said:
- Forza 7
- Ori
- few trailers

- indie games, indie games, indie games...
- lack of good exclusive's
- boring

It was the worst MS conference I ever seen. Xbox is doomed.


I have to admit now in the cold light of day and more posts, I am down to 6-7 / 10. Now I start to see the faults in it.... probably take me a few days after all is said and done to get a true picture of what I thought of all the conferences.

I think your right. Whats going to be our score after the other conferenses? 

If most people are disapointed now, even some xbox fans, if sony and nintendo do deliver it will really dive down any interest for anybody who was thinking of getting an x1/x1x.

If I see more anthem and metro later on, I think I will be under a 4/10 for this rating.

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5/10. Phil was cool as always and some of the games look good. OG Xbox was a nice surprise. But the battleground game or whatever annoyed me.

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CEO Kaz Hirai twitter's rateing:

They should also show the Switch in their conference in case sony wants to have something interesting.

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