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New JRPG Code Vein Coming for “Major Home Consoles;” Has “Plenty of Challenge” and “Engaging Story”

Bandai Namco gives a bit more clarity on the platforms for its upcoming action JRPG Code Vein.

Giuseppe Nelva
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This morning, Bandai Namco revealed its new action JRPG Code Vein with a press release from Japan, but did not mention any platform. A follow-up press release from Bandai Namco Entertainment America gives a bit more clarity on where the game is going.

The announcement points out that the game will release on “major home consoles.” Incidentally, it also mentions the fact that it’ll include a “massive interconnected world.”

We also get a statement from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Vice President of Marketing Eric Hartness, promising “plenty of challenge” and a “smart and engaging story.”

“Code Vein provides a fresh anime aesthetic and blood-curdling gameplay twists to the popular 3rd-person action RPG genre. The talented development team at Bandai Namco Studios is creating a tightly crafted experience filled with plenty of challenge that our fans crave along with a smart and engaging story that is sure to draw players deeper into the world of Code Vein. Let the feast begin!”

Code Vein is currently scheduled for a 2018 release, with a trailer coming next month. At the moment we don’t know when specific platforms will be announced, but home console gamers have a reason to be excited.


















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PS4 and Switch?


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Edgelord the game and the metacritic scores surely below 80, nobody got time for that.

I guess that means no PC release

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Green098 said:
I guess that means no PC release

Probably not at the sametime but maybe eventually similar to god eater 2


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PS4 is a given and they said it will come to west, so we can add X1 here. I don't think it will come to Switch, because reasons.

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Consoles plural. I'm guessing PS4/XB1. Could be PS4/Switch, but the graphics in the screenshots look a bit too demanding for Switch imo.

Fascinating wording. PS4 is clearly one.
PC isn't a console.

Xbox one would be considered a "major" one but tends not to get JRPGs.

Switch I can see getting JRPGS - but I wouldn't consider it a "home console" due to its possibility of being portable. It can be a home console but it isn't ONLY a home console.

Great screenshots.

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So ps4 and xone.

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