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Grey Nintendo Switch -300

1-2 Switch-50

That's it, nothing else worth getting

It's a jooooookeeee!

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With paying a bit extra to ensure (hopefully) delivery on launch day, and a little for insurance, it comes to 375 for the system. Aside from that, I'm buying 1-2 Switch and Zelda. So, 465 altogether.

Nintendo Switch- 279.99
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild- 48.00

Total- 327.99

Switch console $380
Hori case $25
Hori protector $25
Pro controller $80
Zelda BOTW $60

Total: $570

-Note: price could be changed in day 2 depends on local stores what they're doing, if i am late for day 1.

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Switch, BotW, Super Bomberman R. A case and stand (plus extra usb c cable and pro controller) coming soon after.

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Switch console
Carrying case.

It's a portable only for me.

Nintendo Switch - 279.99
Super Bomberman R - 39.75
Zelda Special Edition - 75.96
= 395.70 - Total price including tax.

Whilst some may say the Switch is expensive for a new piece of hardware I think it's a fairly reasonable price and if I opted for a standard copy of Zelda instead it would total would drop to 365 instead, I was browsing some of my old purchases out of curiosity and the last piece of hardware I bought day one was a PS4 with 2 games also (Knack & Killzone: Shadowfall) that cost 445.84 in comparison.

I also paid 229.99 for my Vita 3 months after release along with a 32GB Memory card for at least 40 ( Can't find my purchase for it to confirm exact price) which is basically the price I'm paying for the Switch. I purchased my Xbox One also in 2015 and it cost me 309.99 which included one Game and was the Witcher 3 bundle.

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Nothing if we're just talking launch as I wont be getting one until the holidays, but when I do get my Switch, me buying Splatoon 2 and a Pro Controller alongside it is guaranteed, anymore will depend on what holiday deals there are.

I've got three Switches on pre-order but I'll obviously return the other two if all three pre-orders come through.

Just the console and BotW right now. I'll get a pro controller as soon as they're readily available to buy in stores. I should probably get a screen protector too.

I want a 128gb SD card but I'll wait until I fill up internal storage.

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Nintendo Switch Gray - $329.99
Switch Pro Controller - $74.36
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - $52.79
PDP Carrying Case - $16.49
I will also buy an SD card, but I haven't decided how large I want to make it.

The total I have spent so far is $473.63

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