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RDBRaptor said:
So, does this mean I can use this as an excuse to pirate PSP games? If software piracy is good enough for Sony it's good enough for me! :p

haha FTW!!

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Haha that made me laugh so hard... just great stuff

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When internet pirates create convoluted justifications for their crimes that really pisses me off. What to self important, to self serving, to guilty to have the basic human decency to confess that your crime is malicious. Stop making excuses for your bad behavior, and stop dragging out the old bit about everyone doing it. You might not realize this but there are actually honest decent people out there in the world. Obviously your not one of them. Your just a sleazy criminal.

Your conscience bothers you I gather, and if that is the case perhaps this fresh perspective might help you. Instead of feeling guilty about your persistent crimes and spending all this effort trying to justify what you did. Maybe just maybe you should stop committing crimes, and feel sincere remorse for what you did. Then you wouldn't have to go through this mess. You didn't need what you stole in the first place.

Anyone can create some convoluted justification it takes real moral fortitude to stand by your convictions. Would you have someone come in to your home, and take your things. I am sure anyone can create a convoluted justification to do so. Wait your an internet pirate thats justification enough right there. Remember there is no honor among thieves.

While it may be ironic for Sony. What is most important is that they showed a disturbing lack of attention to their network. How are they going to secure the safety of vital information if they are not safeguarding the programs installed in their network, and ensuring the authenticity. This is the second safety issue I have heard in regards to Sony this week.

Forget about the fines they will pay the authorities, and the compensation they must deliver to the developer. Sony leaves the door to their network unlocked. Which means they can unwittingly deliver viruses to millions of consumers, can lose their financial information, and their network can even be sabotaged. I wouldn't trust Sony will my financial information at this point would you?

Sony should be thankful this is a major wakeup call. Start to manage your network properly, or it could cost you billions down the line. What happens when a hacker delivers Chernobyl to their console owners, because the nitwits in the accounting department are ripping office applications with built in Trojans to their office space six floors above.

This? From the company that invented movie critics to give rave reviews to shitty Sony movies?

Who'd have thunk it...

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famousringo said:
Anybody else get a warm, fuzzy feeling when this kind of thing happens? I feel happy, and just a little guilty for feeling happy.

I feel very happy actually... but not guilty. Sony has this well deserved. The irony is so delicious :D

I still remember the days when I used to respect Sony, and even bought their products. That day is past since the rootkit debacle, I don't even buy a damn cable from them now.

But now, it turns out that not only they shit on their customers, but also on other businesses? Remember that we're talking about the company which shut down Lik-Sang for distributing their legally bought products overseas.

I hope they get hit hard for this one. 47% of the software must be a lot.


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fazz said:
famousringo said:
Anybody else get a warm, fuzzy feeling when this kind of thing happens? I feel happy, and just a little guilty for feeling happy.

I feel very happy actually... but not guilty. Sony has this well deserved. The irony is so delicious :D

Me too it just made my day and I still smile to the extent that my head almost splits in two pieces when ever I think about this and the so sweet irony of the whole thing.

Maybe Sony should put their beloved DRM on their own bought files to avoid this kind of thing.

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