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That's right, a one time massive rival to VGChartz has been abandoned and the site will close within a matter of hours! Just shows how successful VGChartz has become, it's managed to close down other sites!


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No surprise here. I havent used my account there for like 12 months.

How is nexgenwars competition to vgchartz? The guy that owns the site has a counter.



i don't get how they woked out their sales information in the first place. they have ps3 at around 8 million, and wii at only 20 million!

It would appear only their forums are shutting down in favor of the forums of another site by the same owner.

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It's not shutdown, just moved. From what I gathers, anyways.

The site was originally more popular than VGChartz but it never updated its sales figures and so lost members. 


The site owner hasn't been to the site in over 2 months.  Why would they move to another site for the same thing to happen?

I dunno, but on the site they moved to (konsolefreakz.com), a member appears to be online with the username "Darth Daver", any relation?

Nexgenwars was never more popular than vgchartz, the numbers were always fake.



They're numbers never got updated and they were/are still off.