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Do I really need to say it?


Yeah, I need to. Pro-Nintendo and Pro-PC FTW

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I used to be a Sega gamer until Dreamcast died, then I switched to GameCube. Now I have a PS3/Wii /DS and they're all great systems, I'm pro both (for different reasons). Maybe nintendo has the edge slightly, I never had a PS1/2 and the GameCube/GB/GBA had some great games



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Pro Nintendo, and former Pro Sega, I owned every Nintendo System, Genesis and the Dreamcast are the only non-Nintendo systems I ever owned

pro sony since ps1 but i was a sega gamer first and i own the sega genesis, saturn and dreamcast but sony is the best and i own one of every sony console


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MGS4 is the greatest game ever


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MaxwellGT2000 said:
Rock_on_2008 said:
MaxwellGT2000 said:
I've been a Nintendo gamer since the NES days, but I'm more about quality games and machines, over the years my Nintendo consoles and handhelds last my others just crap out, with the exception of my Sega CD and Sega Gen.

@ Rock_On

Your AAA list is kinda dull

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Check AAA

Killzone 2 - Uh... didn't like you the first time, graphics never make up for gameplay so why buy a mediocre shooter a second time?

GT 5 - A new GT what do you have over the last version? the same thing the previous versions had, better graphics and new cars WOO... not... Just another racing title

Little Big Planet - Cool idea not sure AAA but will be pretty good.

Resistance 2......need i say more? You probably should... (reason? see Killzone 2)

Not flaming just thought your list was a bit meh.

My list for 2008 would be:

Starcraft 2

Smash Brothers Brawl

(Personal AAA cause Cecil is my RPG idol) FF4 on the DS

Maybe Final Fantasy XIII if SE doesn't mess it up like every FF after FF7

Force Unleashed... technology, seriously the tech going into this game is great really hope a lot of games adopt it, AI aware of surroundings, material acts like it does in real life, then looks really good, and all of it works together and are aware of each other, I really don't think the game is going to get the most out of it as first games usually don't but later on the engine could produce a few AAA titles.

and looking forward to seeing E3 for some big announcements

My Triple A list is a cut and paste job taken from Gamepro forum site.

That explains it all, Gamepro magazine is horrible...

 Your sarcasm and wit must be admired. lol.

All Nintendo

Predictions for 2009: (Right) (Wrong) (Partial)

Pokemon Gold/Silver DS Japan in September

NES colored Wii and SNES Classic Controler for Christmas

Super Role Bros for Christmas

FF Remakes announced; VII PS3 VIII 360 IX Wii

New Super Mario World November 2009


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supporting them since ps1. not a fanboy though.

Pro Bono, and I don't mean U2's lead singer.

"I mean, c'mon, Viva Pinata, a game with massive marketing, didn't sell worth a damn to the "sophisticated" 360 audience, despite near-universal praise--is that a sign that 360 owners are a bunch of casual ignoramuses that can't get their heads around a 'gardening' sim? Of course not. So let's please stop trying to micro-analyze one game out of hundreds and using it as the poster child for why good, non-1st party, games can't sell on Wii. (Everyone frequenting this site knows this is nonsense, and yet some of you just can't let it go because it's the only scab you have left to pick at after all your other "Wii will phail1!!1" straw men arguments have been put to the torch.)" - exindguy on Boom Blocks