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Thanks to the scrip that was written for you. How has the game been so far.... player?

It is clear. I have opene... 1 50.00%
I am confused. The dark has blinded me. 0 0.00%
This is madsness!!! 1 50.00%

Greetings gamers. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Every year the show goes by and the excitement is always high. Though this year marked something truly special. The Ally sang a good tune as the puppet was controlled by his puppet master. Attached are strings that run deep in grand experiment, one that is perhaps only in it's second phase. This great gaming deception may or may not be a three phase project. A trilogy. Let's call it a social experiment in which many of us have unknowingly taken part in. Strings are attached to those who have submitted. Some may ask the juicy question as to how they have participated. Well perhaps they played a game that was part of this experiment? Or perhaps they indulged themselves in a certain console exclusive activity that took the world by the storm a while back. Or perhaps they were following a very well constructed narrative to lead them to walk into the shadows. In all roads there is an outcome. The path splits into two. And from there... Two are born. A reality, and a false reality.
Don't think to hard or you might get caught up in the:

But in the grand scheme of things. Can you tell what is real, and what is not? Open your eyes. Perhaps then, even with but one. You will see the light within the darkest of nights. It's all in your head, and it is all very real. Just try not to lose it.

You are both the gamer and the game. In time this will become clear, but until the time comes for you to play the game. The master will play you!

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