Pokemon Sun/Moon FW Sales Top over 1.5mil in Europe (Biggest Ever)

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Pokemon Sun and Moon first week sales top 1.5 million in Europe, Nintendo’s biggest launch in the region


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is the biggest ever launch of a Nintendo game in Europe, with first week sales of the 3DS games totaling over 1.5 million units, including more than 368,000 units sold in the United Kingdom, Nintendo announced.  

To compare, first week sales in Japan totaled 1.7 million.

Sales for North America have not been announced

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I predicted 1 mil for Europe...... sooo thats 500k more! Insane!

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I estimate just short of 4m worldwide for launch week.

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Great news that it`s the biggest ever. Although that actually seems kind of small compared to Japan (considering the population difference), but I guess that just means Pokemon`s still got a lot of potential for growth in Europe.

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According to VGChartz, XY did 630k FW in Europe. Soooo that basically doubled it!

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This is beyond amazing. And I thought it would be much less in the UK!

Spectacular, I'm sure Pokemon Go had something to do with it. Of course the fact that it looks better than the 2 previous ones has helped too.

So 3.5m in 1st week just for Japan and Europe, so that basically means past 5m with US. :D

Sooo they pretty much sold out 50% of the initial 10M of shipments in the firts week ? sweet !

Amazing sales. I wonder how its sales will evolve with the Switch not being BC with 3DS, and with the possible Stars version coming soon.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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