So my sister broke my 3ds...

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Don't blame her, it's not her fault, Ninty remotely hypnotised her and ordered her to break it, hoping that instead of repairing or buying it again you'll wait to buy a Switch instead, because they want to stop supporting 3DS ASAP.

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Buy n3ds for 100. Do a system transfer. And there you go, cheaper than sending it in for repair.


Edit: I meant 3ds not xl. Fixed.


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Isn't this really old? Why do you bring it to VGC now?

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Platina said:

Oh wow

But.... you're in luck since the n3DS is on sale for just $100 USD!!

Lol, what going to say this as well. The timing couldn't be better.



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Forgive her, you got a Ps4 Pro.

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I used my 3DS to break my sister.

Slarvax said:
Isn't this really old? Why do you bring it to VGC now?

Wasn't ready to disclose his secrets D:

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