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Which Model?

3ds 33 21.15%
3ds XL 35 22.44%
2ds 8 5.13%
New 3ds 15 9.62%
New 3ds XL 58 37.18%
Vita Master race 7 4.49%

2DS, I get all the games and I didn't have to pay for the unnecesary 3D function.


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One black 3DS (ambassador), one pink 3DS (Nintendogs bundle), One red NN3DS XL, and one black NN3DS XL.

Twitter: @d21lewis  --I'll add you if you add me!!

Crystal white 3DS and Regular white N3DS.


Red New 3DS XL - Normal Edition

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The original one in white, I would like a New 3DS but I'm already ok with this one.

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Blue 3DS, Pokemon XY Blue 3DS XL, Blue New 3DS XL.
Was going to buy the Clear Blue 2DS until I got my hands on one, L and R buttons don't feel right.

White 3ds XL. Not very happy with it, but oh well.

A black launch 3DS, which is currently inside its box and waiting to be bought by someone who will actually play it =P

I bought my first 3DS back in December 2011, and then another 3DS with the launch of NEW. Both limited with Zelda

A 2ds, probably the only one here with one xD

Edit: Yay, not the only one!