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I understand that they are necessary. Though is there any possibility of a real time notification for when a thread get's locked or if it can detect if a person is replying to a message. I don't want to come off as if I am complaining, but this is the second time where I replied with a long response to a post. I had about 6 paragraphs in response to the guy complaining about Metroid, which was rather amusing. I was also trying to explain the style of Metroidvania from both a gamer and developer perspective. Why they are a hallmark of game design and precisely why they are designed the way they are. Ugh, I really wished I copied my reply and pasted it for it's own thread so it's partially my fault.

A good recommendation is that if the thread is locked. A little pop up or notification would let us know that they thread is locked so our replies are not meaningless or lost and our time is not wasted. That way we can keep the content of our response and modify it for its own thread for discussion. Such a feature would be greatly appreciated and I think the majority of us would benefit from it.

I want to thank and mod in advance for taking the time to read this.

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Did you intentionally post this thread twice so I would have to lock one of them?