am i the only one who enjoys the latest direct?

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All I wanted was a release date for Fire Emblem Fates EU and I got that.

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Platina said:
People like to point out negatives of the Direct, because that is what you remember

I found it pretty decent 7/10

Nothing that was WOW! but had some interesting and good games mentioned

very well said.  they can't make everyone happy. seems decent and i gave it a 7/10.  glad nintendo supported both consoles and it is fine to show some trailers of the upcoming games than the other games they've announced.

NIntendo can release a separate video presentation once it is ready.  We have LOZ TP HD and Pokken for now, and several games to follow.  Glad we have new games.  

Pavolink said:
Darwinianevolution said:
I'm more confused than angry. They did not show me anything to inmediately buy, but at least we got some info on release dates and some free stuff (demos and Flipnote, yay).

Also, has Metroid Prime Federation Force really been in developement since 2009? How? Why didn't it release sooner, did it really need that much time?

This. What's happening with Nintendo?

Ikr ? How in the world has MPFF been in development since 2009, When I heard that I realized: 2009 is the last year we got a "Metroid Game"-----> It's FF's fault if we didn't get new games in 7 or so years... Tanabe should feel ashamed

Stephleref said:
Literally all i hear for every Nintendo related video for the last 10 god damn years is how people want Starfox and they want it to be like the N64 game.

Well they opened the direct with just that so you would think people would finally be happy about something for once.


People just flat out don't know what they want and will never be satistied about anything.

Hey I didnt know you were a member here


hd94 said:

It has stated that this direct is revealing games that release in summer, yet there are soo many ppl complaine about no ZELDA U?

The thing is Zelda was schedulded for holiday 2015. If a game gets delayed, 3-6 month is reasonable (look at uncharted 4, watchdogs, witcher 3). So even if they needed a delay, zelda should be available spring-summer 2016. Its obvious they just delayed it to launch it on nx.


Nintendo teased fans over and over with a new zelda game.

- Zelda e3 2012 "demo"

- Zelda e3 2014 trailer

- Zelda Gameplay GA 2014

And then they decided to not ever show it again. WTF.


the hate is valid. Even if they want to release it on nx, give wii u owners informations on one of their biggest awaited games. Those 12 mio people supported YOU nintendo even with all the bad press against the wii u and nintendo treat them like trash.

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What's killing the Nintendo Direct is the total lack of 3rd party support and Nintendo simply doesn't have much in the pipeline for WiiU or 3DS. All of the 3DS games really start to look dated. The focus of the Nintendo direct is to remind you why you should be excited to own the current hardware from Nintendo (WiiU and 3ds) and the answer is always disappointing. Especially, compared to Microsoft and Sony.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

NiKKoM said:
yes but the next one will be better... thats the hope we all have.. every.. freaking.. time..

yep. I doubt it will happen ever to be honest.

Now all hopes are on NX, which will probl be a dissapointment again, then all hopes are on nx successor and so on. I doubt nintendo can still deliver.

I liked it. The new updates coming to Super Mario Maker look really cool. And freaking Monster Hunter!

We are also getting two Starfox games. That is pretty cool.

Also, I actually like the look of Metroid Prime Federation Force. It looks like it will be a fun multiplayer game. I guess it sucks if you don't have friends?

Dragon Quest will be awesome. I still can't believe the 3DS is getting two Dragon Quest games this year.

I think based on comments the reacionts were... good. I reallly remember more Directs when there were way, way more backlash. I think this Direct is better than the previous E3 actually xDDDDD

I liked it, got a SMT x FE release date, or Tokyo Mirage Session whatever it's called now, and a new Rhythm Heaven.