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Welcome to the Microsoft prediction league.

- Vote Changing -

Do NOT edit your votes, you must qoute your original prediction with the vote you want to change, you're allowed to change your vote for a game up till a week (7 days) before the review Embargo

- Join date - 

Idealy, everyone should join before April 1st. You're free to join in late but you'll miss out on certain games and have less of a chance of winning.

- Review Scores -

As a lot of these games are releasing on PC and Xbox One there's going to be 2 scores, we'll be using the score that has the most reviews

- New Games -

In the case that a new game is revealed and released this year it will be added (Forza Horizon 3?)

- Points -

If you're off by 10 or more you get a penalty point

If you're right on the Meta you're rewarded with 5 points, If you're one off you get 4 points, etc.

You lose a point if you're off by 10 or more, You get a bonus point if you're the only correct prediction or in the case everyone is wrong, the closet.

- This Thread will be updated every other day -

Obviously a spam thread. Locking.
Nah, just kidding :P


Obama did 7/11


You would give Sea of Thieves a 10/100! NINTENDRONE

#1 Amb-ass-ador

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Damn - 2 hours long.


Must be serious. Are you gonna pull a VGKing ;o!?


Basil's YouTube Channel


BasilZero said:

Damn - 2 hours long.


Must be serious. Are you gonna pull a VGKing ;o!?

It's actually done, I'm just being lazy I guess.

Give me some tyme

and no xD

This is going to flop harder than the Halo thread.

Edit: Bodied............  

Edit (2): Noble is my best friend on this website.

Alright sweet let's go I got this:

Uncharted 4: 69
Shrek 2 - Return of the Onion: 85
Mediocre Cardboard Purple Mario 8 - Braille Edition: 12
Halo 3: 3 olaH
Noble's Nudes Leaked on Skype: 100

#1 Amb-ass-ador

Gears 4- 89

Halo Wars 2- 83

Quantum Break- 85

ReCore- 85

Sea of Thieves- 70

Fable Legends- 70

Crackdown 3- 82

Gigantic- 80

Cuphead- 91

Ashen- 84