Do fans like Pikachu as much as Nintendo thinks we do?

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How much do you like Peekatchu?

Enough to marry it and hav- 10 7.25%
Love it, my fav Pokieman. 13 9.42%
Like it a lot, but not fav. 41 29.71%
It's alright. 35 25.36%
Not fond of it but don't... 20 14.49%
It's so lame, full of sh... 1 0.72%
I release every single one. 0 0.00%
Hate it even more than Darkrai. 1 0.72%
So tired of seeing it everywhere. 8 5.80%
Just wanna kill them, all of them. 9 6.52%
LemonSlice said:

Come on, he's adorable.


Pikachu may be kind of cute, but that pic... he looks like he's eager to ask me for money which I owe and don't have at the moment.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


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I'm more of a Charizard  guy!

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I'm out of the age range that grew up with Pokemon. I know the ones that get shoved down our throats, that's about it.

Einsam_Delphin said:
twintail said:
its just because pikachu products sell in boxes in Japan.

thats all that really matters, that the character itself is making them money


But is that due to something about Pikachu itself, or just because he's the mascot? I bet if it wasn't Pikachu it'd be a different Pokemon. Like all Pokemon he's just as interchangeable.


Does it really matter what the reason is? Ppl, at least in Japan, want Pikachu mechandise more than they want other Pokemon. So Nintendo obliges.

of course when they have promotions with other Pokemon, like Eevee earlier in the year (or was it late last year?) there was a lot of stuff for it.

Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Johnw1104 said:

I don't think he's many people's favorite, but even people who never played the games or watched the cartoons are often able to immediately associate Pikachu with Pokemon.

At this point I suspect Pikachu ranks behind perhaps only Mario and Link in recognizability in the mainstream world among Nintendo's characters. Can't say that about any other Pokemon.

*edit* Donkey Kong may actually belong on that list, not sure... Everyone has heard of donkey kong dating back to the golden age of the arcade.


You can't honestly believe that Link is more recognisable than Pikachu? Seriously, you just can't believe that.

I wasn't certain when I wrote it, but I was mostly thinking of the older people who missed the pokemon craze. That window between Link and the pokemon craze may be too small, though.

It'd be an interesting survey to conduct, really... I'd love to know how the characters rank in recognizability among average people. Thinking of all my friends right now, they'd all know both given we were the perfect age for pokemon and smash bros. 

Where Pikachu has an undeniable edge is in his name; I'd be willing to wager the majority of those who recognized link would call him zelda lol... Donkey kong's name, meanwhile, is likely more recognizable than his image.

Someone should conduct this survey imo.

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I like Pikachu as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise but I've grown to like Pikachu less as a character. Maybe it's both age and the omnipresence of Pikachu in Pokémon related media but I just don't like Pikachu as much as I used to. I wouldn't mind if Pikachu took a backseat to newer Pokémon but Pikachu seems to be more like a crouch to keep older fans interested and aware of the fact that Pokémon is still around.

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I feel Pikachu may have been more popular when it first started, but as the games continued on, I think he sort of fell from grace. But that this point, he is pretty much the face of Pokemon. So even if he isn't people's favorite, he is widely recognizable and cute. Pikachu's got a place in almost everyone's hearts, except mine. Raichu all the waay xD



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Probably the second most memorable mascot I can see when it comes to Nintendo.

They should also throw in Ling Ling sometime.


There are plenty of reasons to luv him. Only two reasons to dislike him: He's popular and his stats are low (but is almost decent for a middle evolution).

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When I'd play Yellow version, Pikachu went in the box