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Investor briefing is less than a couple of days away for Nintendo and about 2 weeks away for DeNA so it's about time we should hear about Nintendo's first mobile game which is due to release before the end of the year. 

Nintendo have been very vocal about their plans for the mobile market and wanting to create unique experiences that are tailored to the mobile experience but still based on their big IP's. No hints have been given but what I have done is written an article linked here and below that is about the state of the gaming industry and why Mobile could be very important for Nintendo as well  as what we should expect. It'd be cool if we could talk about whether people agree or disagree with the points raised as well as what sort of mobile games you'd like to see or would expect to see from Nintendo.

For me, I'm expecting just a standard game to start off with. By that I mean a puzzle game or other popular genre like endless runner etc... Something simple that uses the power of the IP to promote it. I don't mean a super simple re-skin game here but something that uses a well known theme like "Collect all these things" or "Match these items" etc...

Whilst I'm not sure if they'll go with Mario for their first game (they might want to use the first game with a lesser known IP to test the market first and then after gaining experience they release the Mario game) I could see them going with Mario first just so they can promote a big IP on Mobile first.



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I mostly play endless runners on my phone, so I kind of want to see Nintendo's take on the genre. I think Donkey Kong would fit the best. Just put him in a mine kart and watch him go!

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Not sure but Mario Kart with Mario Kart Wii controls would do really well.

WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven are absolutely perfect for mobile.

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Dat shameless self promotion though.

I expect something big tbh, if they just make some endless runner or a game that has been done to death it's going to be ignored.

Given that Konno's in charge of mobile I'd expect a franchise that he's familiar with, yet at the same time isn't a big Nintendo franchise, I'm honestly expecting something in the vein of Nintendogs with some kind of AR functionality, if it is of a big Nintendo series then I'd be betting on something Yoshi related.

I wouldn't expect Nintendo to start with Mario or Pokemon, if it isn't what I mentioned before I bet on Animal Crossing.

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Look at Rusty's, Picross, and Brain Age for an idea. It'll be like that with a huge multiplayer and social focus.

Well, this is new.


I'm expecting some sort of free to play, puzzle swiping type game that is based on either the Mario or Zelda IP.

I would read your article... But, its a bit to long to read for me right now.


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Probably just some puzzle spin off game or something.

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Nintendogs, cats , Planet Puzzle League, Picross, Brain Age, Rhythm Heaven etc. would be great titles for mobile

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