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Eh, I don't care enough about it to get into any big debates. It is just politics after all. They all talk a big game, but the reality is that none of the parties will change anything in a major way for the average Canadian. They're 99% the same with a 1% lean towards specific special interest groups.

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Well here we are, about an hour until polls open up at my place. In the meantime I'll update with the final opinion polls and later the true results.

I was leaning towards the Liberals. NDP has the better local candidate (Marc Laferriere) yet some Liberal's policies feel slightly better to me.

I tried that vote compass, not that helpful, the parties are too much alike. NDP wins by 2% (67 vs 65) yet when I use the weight calculator Liberal wins by 2% (71 vs 69). Also when I browse through the issues it's Liberal that edges a win on the issues that are more important to me. Only NDP wins on less online monitoring of Canadians and a ban on handguns. Although when I click on the reasoning behind it, Liberal has better answers. Take that compass with a grain of salt as usual.

It's still a toss up, yet the budget must be balanced turns me off most from the NDP. Not the right time.
Canada's time will come when the Middle East stops flooding the world with cheap oil.

And in the end maybe voting for the 'winner' for a more decisive government might be better than a stale mate. I haven't been following it all that much so I don't know why NDP took such a dive, yet it seems the consensus today is that Liberal is the party to oppose Harper.

The votes for Maritime Canada are in, 100% liberal. Shows the flaws in the "first past the post" system, makes it interesting anyway. (it's only 7% of the seats, still 5 time zones to go)

Yay, the Liberals are projected to win and form a majority government. Great news!


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Wait, Canada is real?!


i thought South Park just made it up.

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A Liberal MAJORITY? Oh dear....

I admit that I was wishing for a liberal governement, but I have to admit that I'm not sure if them having the majority of seats will end up being a good thing. But I'll remain confident untill they prove to be wrong.

On a good note, the Bloc Québecois will go from 4 in 2011 (2 before this élections) to 10! :)


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Wow, I never realized just how truly broken our electoral system is. By the time the votes are all counted, the Conservatives and Liberals will both have about 35% of the votes each, but the Liberals will have 55% of the power in the country and the Conservatives will have 30%.

8th gen predictions. (made early 2014)
PS4: 60-65m
WiiU: 30-35m
X1: 30-35m
3DS: 80-85m
PSV: 15-20m

There will be flaws with both first past the post and proportional representation... but oh well :/

I was expecting a Liberal win, due to the advance polls, but was not expecting a majority government.. time will tell to see how this ends up :p

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