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Does it pis you ofg that there are no sales?

Yes 156 80.83%
No 37 19.17%

As it seems we're keeping this open, the numbers will come when they come. Shouting and complaining and making threads helps noone because we all know. It just fatigues the community over time having to go through these threads every other day, moreso than the lack of numbers themselves.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Doesn't really bother me.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

Yeah, it's pretty messed up. :/

So much for being a bastion of information...

Yeah I thought that finally the site was going to start being up to date again after all those charts being brought back within that one week but now it's just falling behind again.

Wow I totally forgot I even made this thread earlier today. But anyway, I'm glad to see it survived and more importantly, that most people share my frustration. I know a lot of you say, "the numbers will come when they come, so stop your bitching" but seriously, we can't just let those in charge think we are satisfied about the numbers situation here. You may say it doesn't do anything, therefore there is no point, but I disagree. I'm not going to be complacent about my favorite part about this site. This isn't vgchartz without numbers.

A lot of you guys say that the numbers are off anyway, but if you follow them every week, you can get a pretty good idea of what the sales look like. For instance, last summer, vgc had reported that the wii u outsold the x1 fit one or two weeks (I dont remember specifically), and when I look at that, I don't come out of it believing the wii u actually sold more, I look at it as they sold similarly. And you can also use other sources to determine if something is overtracked or undertracked. The numbers aren't completely useless.

I thank the mods for allowing this thread to stay open


As the poll suggests, we stand united in our frustration about this. And I'm sorry for the typo. Whatever. I think I made this thread on my phone when I was half asleep or something 

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Historically, VGC had resorted to regular corrections with the weekly updates, in some cases major corrections that were the result of inaccurate weekly tallies piling up over months. With fewer updates, these types of corrections should be far less common.

The main problem with infrequent updates is that they seem to be extremely unpredictable, bordering on random. There doesn't seem to be any sort of schedule at all as far as data goes. If there have been any notices regarding when the next figures updates were projected to be released, I've missed all of them.

It really feels like a roll of the die whenever I check VGC for sales updates. I've already stopped expecting regular updates.

starcraft said:
DonFerrari said:

Will we include poor grammar in the rules? I'll start panicking.

Hey, I didn't moderate it did I?

In my defence I did also suggest that sales discussion isn't the right place for the thread! That is the part that really Pis's me ofg!

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ganoncrotch said:
starcraft said:

Hey, I didn't moderate it did I?

In my defence I did also suggest that sales discussion isn't the right place for the thread! That is the part that really Pis's me ofg!

Come on man, such a classless jab (jk) lol 

"No WiiU on the top, no chartz. Deal with it :B"

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