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Which one?

Microsoft 445 24.86%
Sony 1,344 75.08%

I'm going to keep this quick. So choose your options, Sony, or Microsoft. I think Microsoft's was WAY better, Sony's was lacklustre, and didn't do much in terms of surprising me. But some of you may think different, so vote with the poll.

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Complete opposite for me. Sony won so hard and had one of the best conferences I've seen. How did it not surprise you with FF7 remake, Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian and the amazing looking Horizon. Who actually expected the first 3 with jokes all the time of them never coming out because they never appeared every year. MS on the other hand had no good surprises beside the BC which isn't even important to someone who still has the old consoles.

Sorry, but gotta give it to Sony. They practically killed it this year.



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Both had amazing conferences but I think I have to give Sony the edge because they gave fans what they wanted even though those games aren't my cup of tea…The Last Guardian, Shenmu 3, and FF7 remake. Also Dreams and Horizon look awesome for new ips. And Microsoft did excellent as well but I was hoping more of a wow factor because we kind of expected everything they announced except there new ip Recore which looks awesome

I honestly thought Sony's was a bit lackluster, but they showed some awesome games! I thought Horizon was pretty amazing! Microsoft won this one in my book.

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I give the edge to Sony but neither one made me unbelievably excited.

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Why is this a question? lol
Sony had the best conference EVER


Sony had best e3 conference in a decade and as good as its ever been. 10/10. So good it got me to post on VGC for the first time in months lol.

Microsoft had a great conference though. 8/10

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Sony's was waaaaaaaaaaaay better. It's the reason I'm getting a PS4

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No contest.