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My prediction, combinet:

1) The Witcher 3 (PS4; XBO; PC)
2) Mortal Kombat X (PS4; XBO)
3) Splatoon (WU)
4) Project Cars (PS4; XBO; PC)
5) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4; XBO; XB360; PS3; PC)
6) Puzzle and Dragon: Super Mario Edition (3DS)
7) Minecraft (XB360; PS3; XBO; PS4)
8) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XBO; PS4; XB360; PS3; PC)
9) NBA 2K15 (XBO; PS4; XB360; PS3, PC)
10) Battlefield Hardline (XBO; PS4; XB360; PS3; PC)



1) The Witcher 3 (PS4)
2) The Witcher 3 (XBO)
3) Splatoon (WU)
4) Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
5) Puzzle and Dragon: Super Mario edition (3DS)
6) Mortal Kombat X (XBO)
7) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
8) Project Cars (PS4)
9) Grand Theft Auto V (XBO)
10) Project Cars (XBO)



  • The Witcher 3: 1,400,000 (PS4: 775,000; XBO: 525,000; PC: 100,000)
  • Splatoon: 200,000
  • Puzzle and dragon Super Mario edition: 180,000
  • Project Cars: 175,000 (PS4: 95,000; XBO: 65,000; PC: 15,000)


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    I know that this thread will be a super BOMBA and nobody will comment, but oh well. :P

    1. The Witchter (PS4, XB1, PC)
    2. Splatoon
    3. Project Cars (PS4, XB1, PC)
    4. Minecraft (360, XB1, PS3, PS4)
    5. Puzzel and Dragon
    6. GTAV (XB1, PS4, 360, PS3, PC)
    7. Call of Duty (XB1, PS4, 360, PS3, PC)
    8. Mortal Combat (PS4, XB1)
    9. Battelfield Hardline (XB1, PS4, 360, PS3 PC)
    10. Farming Simulator 2015 (360, XB1, PS3, PS4)

    1. Witcher 3 easily
    2, Splatoon
    3. Minecraft
    4. Project Cars(since this had like no hype at all in the US)
    5. GTAV
    6. COD AW
    7; Battlefield Hardline
    8.Mortal Kombat
    9. Puzzle and Dragons
    10. Smash Bros


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    Combined SKU's:

    1. Witcher 3 (1.75 million)

    2. Splatoon (350K)

    3. Mortal Kombat X (300K)

    5. Battelfield Hardline (150K)

    6. Project Cars (125K)

    7. GTA 5 (100K)

    8. Minecraft (75K)

    9. COD:AW (55K)

    10. Farming Simulator 2015 (40K)

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    THIS THREAD IS RESURRECT!!!!!!! lol...
    Thanks Crackred. :D