Prediction: Mario Kart 8 will sell 10 million lifetime.

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don't will even break 7,000,000... 24 22.64%
8,000,000 / 9,000,000 seem better. 58 54.72%
i agree with your 10,000,000 prediction. 18 16.98%
Pff, 20,000,000 looked. 6 5.66%

The game is already at +5m...  i think that +7m is looked at this point, i don't see how can sell under Double Dush.

So, let me predict +10m lifetime. The AR of this game is impressive... 55% of who have Wii U have MK8. Now, if Wii U will sell:

15,000,000, MK8 can sell 8.25 million
16,000,000, MK8 can sell 8.8 million
17,000,000, MK8 can sell 9.35 million
18,000,000, MK8 can sell 9.9 million
19,000,000, MK8 can sell 10.45 million
20,000,000, MK8 can sell 11 million


So, that's what i think.

Not only will sell more than Double Dash, but will even beat MK64.

I also know that many user will disagree, but oh well, i accept your opinion of course.

What do you think?


10/ May/2015

Actually sales: 5,110,000 (4,890,000 to go...)


04/ March /2016

Actually sales: 7,240,000 (2,760,000 to go...)


26/ October /2016


Actually sales: 8,000,000 (2,000,000 to go...)

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I thought the 5m+ is shipments

Yea, I will be one of the many users that will disagree..

I highly doubt that it would be able to reach that high

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10m is extremely hard, but not impossible. I think the attach rate will drop a bit over the course of time, so I'm more inclined to believe in 8~9m LT.

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Unless something boosts hardware sales a lot, this is unrealistically optimistic I'm afraid. Right now, I'd predict lifetime sales of around 7.5-8.5 million units.

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Angelv577 said:
I thought the 5m+ is shipments

10,000,000 "shipmennts + digital" ; but i use sold, because tecnically Nintendo sold this unit.

Any way yes, i say 10,000,000 shipped... even sold to consumer withouth digital can happen, who know.

10 million + is too cray cray so I will say nope


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Is too much. I would say 8. Not impossible though.

Actually sales:

5,110,000 (4,890,000 to go)

No way.