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OP updated.

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I have a feeling it will do REALLY well.
Seem like they hit it out the ballpark with this one.


I wonder what kinda effect (how big), this game will have on hardware sales.

daredevil.shark said:

Edit: New link guys. Looks great.


Off screen. I will update once we get the official one. Looks awesome.



Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKptPGvUhfQ

Nice Trailer, can't wait anymore !

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That disturbed me... beyond belief.

I think I'll be getting off this hype train at the next stop, sorry guys.

not my kind of game but i hope it does well and it looks really pretty in a scary, your going to die kind of pretty.

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Holycrap. I wish this was for xbox one. This game is badass.

I think we can all agree that this game must be played with lights off and surround sound on.

This looks fantastic. Everything I've heard about the gameplay features seem good too. Combat seems a little faster, not sure if that will give it the same feel as the Souls games. Hope it is still just as good.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

The faster combat was a good business decision, I hope they executed it well.

Did they tone down the difficulty?